The Shendar Book of Myths   
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Introduction. In the midst of the Narfost Plain there is an ancient settlement of the Shen'D'auras, and many people wonder why it is there, so far of the typical Shendar lands. Well, if we believe the old stories we hear from the Shendar, it is quite a romantic tale of love - but just read yourself!

here is lore, told on Shendar campfires why there is an old small settlement of the Shendar in the Narfost Plain, older than Uderza, older than Bardavos. It tells that there once was a young Shendar man hunting at the edge of the Sharadon Forest. Shendar normally keep away from the unknown wild forest, but he followed a beautiful jumping ellez‘ga and didn‘t look where he went. And so he found himself at the border of the forest where the light is dim and the shadows deep. Though he was still standing outside, he was captured by the strange surroundings. The hunted animal had vanished, but what he saw instead was a young elven woman so beautiful and different in appearance from what he was used to that he immediately fell in love. She vanished after a while, but when he returned the next day he saw her again. Nobody knows if he ever spoke a word to her, but he didn‘t want to leave the forest when his family was about to go back to the south. Nobody could persuade him and because he was well loved his nearest relatives decided to stay as well and settled down at Meh‘meth.

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Folk tale written by Talia Sturmwind View Profile