In a land of dreams and lore called Aér'aí'chán. In a time lost in myths and fairytales the gods scheme to destroy the races of Avá, the Dreamer. In this world a young girl dreams... In her dreams the owl spoke. "You carry within yourself the seed of destiny! He will bring about great destruction, but he also carries your love and will find it someday. Let his name be Ethan." Then visions of a great war and powers unleashed like she never saw before flashed before her eyes... Thus the prophecy was given and the epic story of the Wizard of the White Tower begins.


alon Hawke touched the door of his fathers’ study. It was a natural thing for him to do. Ever since he could remember he would touch the door and hope it would open. It never did. When he asked his father about it his father Ethan Hawke would just smile and say: “When you reach your 21st cycle all your questions will be answered!” Talon would shrug his shoulders and walk away. But every year on his birthday he would touch the door.

This day was his 21st year and though he didn’t expect it, deep down he hoped that he would see his father’s study. His father had gone into it two days ago and hadn’t come out till then. Talon didn’t worry for there were many times, especially since mother had died, that his father would go into his study and not come out again for days or even weeks at a time.

The door easily swung open at his touch. He was startled at first but curiosity got the better of him and he entered. On all of the walls were shelves lined with books from the ceiling to the floor. In the center of the room stood a large desk with a wooden chair behind it. On the desk were a quill pen, a bottle of ink and some paper with writing on it. Talon looked around seeking his father, but he wasn’t there.

He went to the books looking at them. Most of the titles he could read but as he came to a section of books that were dust covered and worn he saw languages he had never seen or read. Finally he turned his attention to the papers on the desk. His eye immediately caught the words “My son!” Talon sat down and started reading.

“My son! It is now your 21st year. I go to fulfill my destiny. Your destiny has not been written yet. It will be up to you whether you use the information in the books in my library or walk out of this library closing behind you the history, people and lands of Caelereth of which our world is a part of and yet not a part of. I tell you now of my part in this land and your heritage. I tell it to you in the form of a fairy tale for many may read this but few will believe. Even as I write this I wonder if even you will believe. I suppose Seyella has already determined it already, though I am not allowed to see.

Come with me to a land of lore,
Of myths and creatures no more.
Where dwarves, orcs, men and elves adorn
Where legends and heroes are born.
Come learn of a land inside a portals door
Where magic abounds from shore to shore
Come learn of your grandmother Lorilie
Of her father, family and tribe
Where in our heritage lies.”

Story written by Capher View Profile