This page contains various poems dedicated to
the sea, its vastness and its dangers, recounting of sailors and pirates, of distant lands and loved ones waiting on the other side of the ocean.

Mutare Serphinroth

If you ask me, dear friend,
How I wish to spend my end -
If I wish for slaves and land;
If I have a bequest planned;
If I wish for fame and gold,
(To take pride when brains grow old),
I shall tell you without thinking
While my old boat still aint sinking,
Till my wayward wicked life
Stumbles on a bloody knife,
You will find me roaming oceans,
Heart filled with wild, free emotions;
Salty sea wind in my hair;
By my belt a sabre bare;
In the sunset eyes alight
and the storm I'll greet tonight!

As for how I wish to end...
Well, I have to tell you, friend, -
Fighting bravely an attack;
Hand on my old loyal sword,
With my comrades back to back
But a few against a horde.

Talia Sturmwind

Clear is the night
and calm the grey sea
no evil in sight
My SeaQueen is guiding me.

Winds sudden arise
the water is rough
The bird so dark flies
Oh Baveras, life is so tough!

Stars blink above
the water is deep
And cold is my love
Oh Baveras wants me to keep!

Clear is the night
and calm the sea
no evil in sight
My SeaQueen is embracing me.

Poems written by various team members