The following story is about "The People's Rebellion", the first in a tragic chain of events that will rip apart the great Mynian Kingdom and leave it broken, and its people disenchanted with all they once knew. One young man fights against injustice, and another seeks to define it. They will find their own truths, and it might just destroy them.



(listed alphabetically)

DAEL. A high priest of the order of Urik who as his order requires travels from town to town until he finds the place he feels the Creator has ordained for him.

EOGDEN. The Warden of Luquador and likely the wealthiest person in the whole kingdom and some say the most devious.

LYSANDER. A fifteen year old youth from the small fishing village of Nith that is learning who he is as he grows.

MAYES. The headwoman of the village Nith and the mother of Lysander. She is a strong and caring woman.

ORED. The king of the Mynian Kingdom. A ruler that is strong and wise, but always trying to balance the different powers of the realm.

SURIAN. The Prince of the Mynian Kingdom, he is fifteen years old. He is still young and reckless, but there is a fine king within him. [read more.]

SIONED. The Warden Liben, a blunt man, but fair. He is well loved by his hardy subjects.

WYLAND. The son of Sioned, he is good at most things he attempts and reserved in his actions and judgements. Return to the top

(listed alphabetically)

FEURION. Head priest of the Mynian Kingdom, and old man who rules his priesthood firmly.

LORD LUROE. The most powerful noble in the province of Vermoth, he comes from an anciet and powerful family.

LORD MONTVIK. The royal treasurer who comes from an impovershed noble family that is besieged by debt.

LORD TURIN. The royal senchel and the closest advisor to the king. He served the same position for the previous king as well.

LORD ZAVUR. The second son of a noble family he made his mark in the royal lancers to become their leader. Though he is a little egotistical he is good at what he does. Return to the top

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