According to the Kuglimz myths, which tell us about the beginnings of times, everything began with light and the light people, the Rouk'oriot. Later there came darkness as well and it spread over the light and the light people had to find safe harbours to live. Great points of light were formed and grew into massive shinning spheres. These became known as Wuk’oriot (light globe) - and from these globes developed what we now know as life... - But read for yourself.

n a time beyond imagination, and ere the creation of the world, there was naught but the brilliance of possibility. There was no concept of that which is called material for nothing of true substance had come to be made yet. There was simply light, and the beings that lived in that light, the Rouk’oriot (light people). They reveled and relished in the brilliance of their surroundings. Where these beings that were merely points of brilliance came from is not known. Different tribes hold varying views. Some say that a long dead God created them; still others argue that they were the first beings. Whatever the truth, they were there when the first of the un-named darknesses came.

The darkness appeared in the midst of the Rouk’oriot, and it quickly spread as they fled out of fear of this entity that seemed to devour the very light around them. It was soon found that they vanished whenever one of them was engulfed by the dark. Soon enough the darkness had spread across vast amounts of their home. In their desperation the Rouk’oriot did something that they had never conceived of before. They imagined safe points to stay. With the incredible change of this imagining some of the Rouk’oriot were lost to the effort; but with the efforts of those who were not destroyed, the first likeness of material appeared. The beginnings of such an immense change created tremendous upheavals in their surroundings. Great points of light were formed and grew into massive shinning spheres. These became known as Wuk’oriot (light globe). The Rouk’oriot found that they now also had a semblance of shape and the design of the sphere allowed as many of the Rouk’oriot to flow into their strongholds as possible.

For a time the Rouk’oriot simply stayed in their fortresses while their once bright home was devoured, until all that remained were these strongholds of light against the black background. The Rouk’oriot hoped that the void would be happy with the taking of their home, but it seemed ever hungry and next it went after them. One by one the Wuk’oriot were extinguished and became barren spheres of matter. All those that had once harbored within its safety were destroyed, and the pieces of their semi-formed shapes fell onto the barren worlds. This continued until one of the Rouk’oriot finally had another flash of imagination. It would stand and try to push back the darkness. Its name was Minarot. Minarot gathered others around him and readied an assault on the void. Streaks of light raced from one of the Wuk’oriot and pierced the darkness, finally coming across one of the barren spheres. It is there that a great battle raged, not one of swords and armies, rather of spirits and will. The great void was simply too much and destroyed Minarot, but his light fell on the sphere, and so powerful was his desire that the essence of himself still shone, though his form was obliterated.

A brave companion of Minarot, Sur’tyan, took the lead of what remained of the Rouk’oriot forces and beat the darkness away for a small distance. During a respite from the conflict, Leir’tyan gathered the essence of Minarot. Most of it she took to the center of the desolate sphere to hide from the darkness, the rest she saved for remembrance. Unbeknownst to her, Minarot’s light heated the cold world and caused a chain of reactions to occur. Light erupted in the form of flames, and gave light to the essence of other fallen comrades. This began a cycle of birth and growth on the planet. No longer was it cold and barren. The sight of this renewed the Rouk’oriot and they determined to protect this place. Soon, Leir’tyan begged of Sur’tyan to use the rest of Minarot’s essence to create a work that would bring back some of the light that they had so loved. He took up the work and created the Sun.

Story written by Drogo View Profile