Legend of Echra is a an ancient myth telling us about the origin of the miraculous Merfolk. The Legend recounts the story of a human female who was cast down into the sea for daring to love the Sun.

n the beginning the land was barren, and the sea was empty. The Sun created the clouds and let them rain, and from the earth sprang up all kinds of creatures and plants. The ground too gave birth to the fuegan [term used by the merfolk for all sentient creatures]; these were all people of the Sun and blessed by its light. And when they died, the souls went up to the Sun and became part of it. Back then, the Sun was still close to the Earth it shone upon and everyone, fuegan and animal alike, still accepted the Sun as their parent and lighted fires in its honor.

By that time, however, a girl named Echra fell in love with the Sun, and she longed to reach it. As she was too impatient to wait for her death, she built herself a chariot to fly to the Sun. It was the most magnifcent vehicle ever seen. The golden clad wheels rivaled the splendor of the Sun. The horses' manes looked like comets. The sides of the cart were shaped like eagle's wings, and Echra herself stood proud in red and gold, her black hair waving in the wind, a worthy crown. Thus she took off to the brightburning Sun, and she flew higher and higher, up into the sky. But the Sun saw the girl swirling towards her and knew that she was not ready yet to join the Sun, and it turned its beams towards her and it melted her cart. As Echra fell down the heavens, she saw her own fault and began to pray to the Sun to forgive her. Charmed by so much devotion, the Bright decided not to let her drown in the seas opening below her, and as Echra hit the water, her feet were turned into a tail and she was able to breath under water. The Bright did, however, decide that Echra would never again be able to stand her light, so she would not fly into the skies again. Then the Sun fled south so no-one would ever be able to travel to her place alive.

In the sea Echra became lonely. As the Sun saw this He gave her a citer and horns, and Echra played on them all day to honor the Sun. But although Echra could honor the Sun, she could not stand the rays, and she was saddened. She called once again up to the Sun to give her at least some replacement for the light she was no longer able to see. Her clamor reached the Bright, who felt pity and cried heavy tears for the girl. Then He decided that He would change his appearance during the first half of the day into a pure white ball of light. This is the only light that Echra could endure, and she loved it as if it were the Sun Itself.


by Lucirina Telor Vevan

In the night you can hear her cry
with a whisper and a sigh
the legend talks about a maid
with no legs

From the distance you hear the call
of tears that will not fall
if you listen
you can hear her pray

Nobody was there in the dawn of time
but the legend says
that she dared to fall in love
with the sun

Say the songs
that she went so near
Injr burned her chariot down
falling to the sea she did not drown

Echra, you sing just for him
in the birthing of the day
the sun fades in passion
and the sea is made of tears for you
The voice of sadness
is Echra

lethal love
that sings
so she will not cry

Story written by Lamertu K'thaen View Profile