This is the myth of the God of the Kanapan peoples, Lorfurno. Lorfurno, an immense Black Bull, is the Kanapan's only deity, having taken over this spot after their former Gods, known as the "Forgotten" left them. The devotion of the Kanapans to their God is nearly unmatched throughout Caelereth, his word is law, and his priests are all powerful.


he light sounds of song and raucous laughter fill the air, dark forms dance and weave among each other on the cobbled streets. A cold Eastern wind blows through the merrymakers and a slight shudder passes through the collective crowds. Several eyes turn to the horizon tracking the sun as it begins its journey behind the mountains. There is still time, night has not come yet, so they continue with their merriment. In but a few moments the first sign of dusk is upon the world, and the revelers speed up their actions, seemingly fearing the coming night. As the sky dims and the last rays of the great golden orb disappear, people begin to halt in their celebration.

With the fading of the last fingers of light a booming erupts from the East. Boom, the people jump in fright. Boom, all eyes are to the East. Boom, there is silence. A strong voice assaults the silence, “Listen to the telling of our death and our rebirth. Listen to the telling of your God. Listen to the tale of Lorfurno.” The firm voice belies the aged man who speaks. The high priest is small and aged, yet his voice and arm are strong, the staff of his office held high. The iron tip, which caused the booming, seemingly catches the last of the non-existent light.

“The heavens were filled with many a sparkling world full of life, when we were but a barren rock. The Forgotten gods came to this land and continued their works of magic and creation. Many a wonder and marvel they made, yes, and many a thing of evil. For they were gods of balance, and for every beauteous creation, they also made a nightmare. We were their final creation, their children of love and labor, and juxtaposed were the shadows that lived. Our people flourished and grew, creating many mighty things in our own right, and the living shadows were kept away in their swamps.

Disaster struck, for some unknown reason the Forgotten Gods decided to leave us, to move on in their creation. With them, went their magic, the very thing that held our world together. One by one the gods left, and with each one’s leaving did more become lost to us. The sun disappeared; the bindings on our juxtaposed side were gone. We were under constant siege from the newly released shadows; the night that had fallen was their friend and aided them in their battles. More, and more gods left us; the bindings on the very ground itself were soon gone. The god who created the shadows stayed to see the final destruction of our people. He came down himself in the form of an enormous Leviathan. His dark rippling scales pierced the ocean as he arrived. Sinuous whips of his body drove him to great depths below the land. He used his might to heave against the land. Great shakes and destruction ensued; soon we were adrift upon his back. Half of our culture was drowned or hidden by crashing rock. We were lost. Our people were finished.

After watching our pain, and hearing our hopeless pleas the last of the Forgotten Gods came down. He came as an immense black bull, with shining horns. He used his coloration to slip into the world without the Leviathan knowing. Using his powerful body he swam to the depths of the sea, there to confront the Leviathan. Months they fought, neither getting the upper hand. The sinuous, slippery Leviathan using speed and cunning to try to overcome the pure power and strength of will of the mighty Bull. The only signs of the battle here on land were huge waves crashing upon the world, wiping away cities and people.

The last of the battle happened when the Leviathan twisted and turned, too cunning for his own good, and the Bull thrust his horn deep into the flesh of the Leviathan. The Leviathan left quickly so it might heal, and not be completely vanquished. With a bellow of triumph that echoed throughout the world, the great Bull heaved his mighty head high, his horns piercing the very earth, the tips rising above the ground.

He halted the movement of our lands, and his defeat of the Leviathan brought back some of the magic that was lost with the leaving of the Forgotten Gods. The sun rose again in all of its fiery splendour. Our land was now encircled by impassable mountains, the living shadows safely trapped behind their towering girth. One mighty horn is near the city Simildis, the other is far to the North. In time a priest came to us, and taught us the Bull’s name, and how to worship him.”

The priest tiredly lowers the heavy staff. The multitudes of people are upon their knees and stomachs in supplication to Lorfurno. Many weep in praise at their saving from the vile Leviathan and his hordes of shadows. The high priest peers towards the horizon, where the first trailers of light can be seen in the East as dawn approaches.

His arm given a few moments of rest, is ready for the invocation of morning. He thuds his staff down again, each thud signalling a new chant, the people join in with him. Boom, “Lorfurno is our Savior”. Boom, “Lorfurno is our God”. Boom, “Lorfurno is our Father”. The priest nods in grim satisfaction and bids them to rise and enjoy the day Lorfurno has given them.

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