The Doimo (pronounced: Doh-Ihm-oh) are a tribe of nomadic humans found in the Naezshan Zhunith in south-western Nybelmar. They are called Lords of the Desert, Bronzies, desert savages and similar, as they live in a land where few others can, a land with absolutely no surface-water. Doimo are very religious and believe that spirits are present in all things existing, and so they also believe that they originate from the spirit realm.

he Doimo did not always live on the surface of the earth, and long time ago the humans and animals of this world lived with the spirits. In the spirit-world, the humans and animals lived together peacefully. They understood each other, and could communicate without problems. There was no desire and demand, but also no grief and sorrow, and there was always light even though there wasn't any sun. It was during this time that the spirits began to plan the wonders they would put in the world, which was above their own.

First the great spirits of growth and earth created a wondrous tree, with branches stretching over the entire world. At the base of the tree they dug a hole that reached all the way down into the spirit world where the Doimo and animals were at this time. After they had finished furnishing the world as they pleased, the spirits led the first man up the hole. He sat down on the edge of the deep hole and soon the first woman came up out of it. Soon all the humans were gathered at the foot of the tree, awed by the world they had just entered. Next, the spirits began helping the animals climb out of the hole. In their eagerness some of the animals found a way to climb up through the tree's roots and come out of the branches. They continued racing out of the world beneath until all of the animals were out.

The spirits gathered all the people and animals about themselves. They instructed the humans and animals to live together peacefully, as they did in the spirit-world. Then they turned to the men and women of the world and warned them not to build any fires, or a great evil would befall them. They gave their word and the spirits left to their own world, where they could watch this world secretly. That time the spirits didnít inhabit all the things of this world, but kept themselves to their own.

As evening approached, the sun began to sink beneath the horizon. Human and animals alike stood watching this phenomenon, but when the sun disappeared, fear entered the hearts of the humans. They could no longer see each other as they lacked the eyes of the animals, which were capable of seeing in the dark. They lacked the warm fur of the animals also and soon grew cold. In desperation one man suggested that they should build a fire to keep warm. Forgetting the spirits' warning they obeyed him. And they soon grew warm and were once again able to see each other.

However, the fire frightened the animals. They fled to the caves and mountains and ever since the people had broken the spirits' command, people have not been able to communicate with animals. Now fear has replaced the deep friendship once held between the two groups.

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