This tale, told under a bright starry desert sky when old and young Shendar sit around a fire which banishes the nightly cold, shows us how far true love can stretch and that even in the deepest gorge of despair a light of ray can show you the way out.

long time ago, when the Shendar had just found their truest friend, the aj‘nuvic, and the tradition to bond with them was not old but fresh and even more exciting than now, there lived a young boy and a girl, who loved each other dearly. Not as man and woman, for this they were too young. They might have been sister and brother, we don‘t know anymore. But we know, that the girl‘s love was strong. The boy had been a normal Shendar boy, well built, lean and tanned from the sun, the girl was lovely to look at, with dark hair and uncommonly blue sparkling eyes.

The boy was a bit older than the girl, and so he reached manhood before the girl entered womanhood. He set out to find his aj'nuvic and came back with the most beautiful animal ever seen. It was as white as the inner petals of the Ráhaz La'Alja, the sand lily, when it flowers at night and his fur was as soft as the hair on a baby‘s head. His brown eyes looked as bright as the stars at night and the boy was full of love - as we all are, when we have met our lifelong love. The boy didn‘t forget the girl, but introduced her to his aj'nuvic, though she couldn‘t get as close to the animal as the boy did. She longed for the time, when she would be old enough to set out to find her own partner for life.


But before the time came something terrible happened. The boy‘s aj'nuvic was killed. We don‘t know, what it has been, a ráhaz-estár or an unlucky accident. The boy was devastated. He wouldn‘t eat anymore or drink. First he cried for days and days, then he lay curled-up motionless, not reacting to anybody or anything. The girl knew, that her young friend would die if he would not get his aj'nuvic back - and that was not possible. She didn‘t know what to do than pray, but how could Baveras, the Goddess of Water help here? So she turned to gods she never had prayed before, to Queprur she pleaded for his life and to Seyella she supplicated to alter the inevitable fate. And after six days she had a dream. She awoke from the dream, knowing that this was not just a dream. The next morning she told her mother about it, but she didn‘t want to say anything and just shook her head sadly.

The vision came back the following night and the night after. In this night the girl rose and went to the boy who was merely alive and spent the night resting close to him. In the early morning she went to her mother, kissed her good bye and left the dome to go to a well nearby, the well she had seen in her dreams.

There she put her arm deep into the water and suddenly her fingers touched something strange. She retrieved it from the depth of the well - it was a small package of to her unknown fabric. When she unfolded the cloth she saw, that it was a beautiful cape in the colour of winterberry blue and a hint of Santhran violet. A white rim adorned it and white sandlilies formed a border just inside the rim. She put down her clothes - as she had seen it already in her dream, threw the cape over her shoulders and closed a brooch out of moonsilver on her chest. And then she prayed, with all her might. It didn‘t take a long time and nobody knows how it was done, but there at the well stood a cream white aj‘nuvic which looked exactly like the one the boy had loved so much, just that it was still a bit smaller - and had blue eyes.

It is said, that the boy found back to life, that he became a very content and happy man again, but that he chose to never lie down with a woman, nor with a man. When he was old as only a Shendar can get, he went along with his beloved aj on his Journeyon. Most travellers to the next world are never seen again, but rumours have it, that the body of a Shendar was found who had had his ritual gifts with him as every Shendar should have them, however, they couldn‘t find traces of an aj‘nuvic, but only the remains of a once beautiful woman.


Story written by Talia Sturmwind View Profile