One of the mystical beasts that serve Baveras, the Goddess of Water, in order to rule the waters and oceans of Ar'a'chn. Silffin is often presented as a huge white swordwhale (the size of a sperm whale) with silver scales and an iron horn. In many of these illustrations Baveras is riding him like a horse or he is pulling a wagon of silver and nacre often escorted by dolphins or other creatures of the sea.

The Legend. The legends tell us that Baveras once sent Silffin out into the deep oceans to pacify these dark regions of Ar'a'chn and bring the demons of the depths under her rule.

In one of these fights that often even made the earth shake or broke tidal waves loose, Silffin lost his mighty horn which he used to kill his foes. With his pride lost too Silffin returned to the shallow waters near the Isle of Hope. Baveras felt pity for Her favourite pet and looked for a chance to heal him, but She couldn't find a blade strong enough to make Silffin again capable to fight in the depths of the seas.

At the same time some mermaids reported to Her that the "Firstborn" (the elves) and the "Shortliving" (men) again were at war with each other and that they've seen two huge fleets meet at the sea near a place which is today's Parda. Baveras, not interested in bloodshed and warfare initiated a storm to divert the enemies and bring peace to the oceans. But to Her own surprise the storm turned out to be far more powerful than She had anticipated and so She headed for the battlesite and arrived just in time to see the "Silverswan", the elven flagship, being destroyed by enormous blasts and lightnings. Between the rubble Baveras recognized a cold blue-glowing blade, wielded by a stumbling human in the midst of the fire. When the ship sunk She ordered the mermaids to gather the blade and bury the powerful human and all the others that died that night at sea.

The mermaids did as ordered and so all elven as well as humans were buried in a huge grotto at the Santharian coast in blessed earth protected by nymphs and sharks at land and at sea.

The mermaids also gathered the powerful blade which in fact was the Fury Sword of Lightning. Baveras donated it to Silffin and fixed it to his stump so that Silffin was cured and could follow his destiny again - fighting the monsters living deep under the ocean: the monsters, who still deny Baveras' rule over the seas. Silffin was now even more powerful than ever and the sailors still tell each other nowadays that once Silffin will have cleared all oceans from any threats and plagues and that the oceans will be calm down on this day and that the winds chasing the waves will abate once and for all. Elves, knowing about this legend, agree in many points and add that Silffin's task will bring the world nearer to Av and how She envisoned Her Dream to be.

Today's Interpretation of the Legend. Today still many coastal traditions implicate the sacrifice of valueable goods at sea to help "Silffin the Whiteshining" to accomplish his tremendous task. Also, unusal Light phenomenoms on the Dark Sea or the Aetryam Sea sighted by sailors are often explained with Silffin fighting these monsters of the deep when he manages to lure them to the surface.

On the other hand
many sailors tend to be very unhappy when their captain forces them to set a course directing right on one of these mysterious occurrences as they're seen as a sign of bad omen and ruin to the superstitious
crews and often also their captains. But when the lights disappear without a storm coming up Silffin's lights are seen as good omen, heralding that Silffin once again left the battlefield as the victor.

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