Exploiting elemental Earth’s properties of permanence and resistance to change, impede makes an established idea ‘stick’ with the spell’s target, while simultaneously increasing their resistance to the acceptance of new ones. The resulting effect is a decrease in the rate at which a person is able to make decisions or process new information as their mind remains frozen in a single state.

Spell Effect. A relatively basic spell available to most mages, Impede achieves affects its target through the use of Sphere I techniques. In its most basic form, the incantation calls for the mage to alter the car’all that reflects their target’s mind by dramatically increasing the influence of Earth within it, causing its properties to be displayed far more prominently. In its crudest incarnation, often seen when cast by magi who have not yet fully mastered the use of Sphere I and thus are unable to limit which properties of an element are displayed, Impede is frequently accompanied by a range of other effects, such as the freezing of emotions or displays of uncharacteristic resoluteness or obstinacy.

As the mage progresses with his studies, however, and becomes more familiar with both the spell and the Sphere, the control he is able to exercise over the incantation grows considerably. By the time most begin their studies of the second Sphere, it is not uncommon for casters to not only ensure the desired properties of the element are exhibited exclusively, but also, in some cases, are able to apply the spell so precisely that only certain ideas, concepts or lines of thought are affected. Return to the top

Casting Procedure. As a result of its basic nature, the casting procedure for Impede is far from complex. After having established a connection with their target, be it through sight or physical touch, and having gained the necessary level of concentration, the mage must simply reach out to their target’s cár’áll and increase Earth’s dominance over the mind. Return to the top

Magical Formula. Still to be defined. Return to the top

Focus/Target. This spell can be cast upon all sentient beings. Return to the top

Reagents. Many have found clay, dust or stone to be useful as a tool to assist in focusing in on their target. By the time most magi have completed their studies of Sphere I they no longer find the use of such a crutch necessary. Return to the top

Spell Class. Spiritual Representation of Sphere I, Sphere of Inertia. Return to the top

Range. When first practicing with the spell, most magi find they need to be in close proximity to their target, but, as their skill with the spell increases, this requirement slowly becomes obsolete. Return to the top

Casting Time. The amount of time it takes a mage to successfully cast Impede over his or her target is a function of both his or her familiarity with the spell as well as her skill as a mage. Magi who are familiar with the spell and who are of higher levels will be able to successfully evoke the Earth’s permanence in the car'all of their target's mind in just a few blinks while younger casters may require upwards of five minutes to complete the spell.  Return to the top

Duration. Like other Earth spells of the First Sphere, Impede is subject to the Element’s ‘glaze of permanence’, causing it to linger after the spell has been released. Though the target will eventually have his or her original mental capacities restored, the amount of time it will take to recover is dependent upon the caster’s familiarity with the spell, his skill as a mage and the extent to which Earth’s influence was altered. (Greater alterations will take longer to dissipate than smaller ones.) Return to the top

Counter Measures/Enhancing Measures. Weaker magi unable to prompt dramatic fluctuations in an elements influence generally find a succession of several castings of Impede to heighten the effects of the spell by compounding the changes to reach their desired result. Similarly, groups of magi targeting the same being are able to achieve a more pronounced outcome than when working individually.

Impede’s effects can be countered through the prompting of the target’s mind to once again become animated and fluid. As such, by increasing the influence of any of the other three elements to trigger the movement of wind, liveliness of fire and flow of water, a mage is able to restore the affected person to his or her original state.

Since each person’s cár’áll is distinctly different making it difficult for an Earth mage to restore a target to his or her full mental capacities immediately. However, by reducing the influence of Earth upon the mind, it is possible to reduce the duration of the spell’s glaze of permanence by serving as a catalyst to quicken the reversion rate. Return to the top

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