Colossal Weight is used by magi to physically weaken a target by burdening their muscles with the weight of a mountain. This feat, accomplished by amplifying the influences of the element Earth in the target, is one of the Ximaxian Brown Tower’s most commonly used techniques used for body building and exercising among the Archmage’s guard.

Spell Effect. The momentous effects of Colossal Weight are caused by the application of basic procedures of Sphere I. This is accomplished by manipulating the cár’áll of the target to more heavily display properties of Earth.

Almost immediately after the casting is complete, the target will feel their muscles strain under the invisible weight dragging every muscle of their body. Upon further manipulation of the cár’áll, the caster can buffer his target against this burden to some degree, controlling the extent at which the magic strains the muscles, making it optimal for physical training. However, such training much be carefully monitored as excessive use can cause death. By casting Colossal Weight, one loads the muscles with more weight than they were meant to hold at a given time. Thus, extreme uses, such as heavy weight or long durations, create a high probability for the body to “shut down”. While this lack of consciousness would not be fatal in a normal situation, the fact that the spell targets all the muscles can cause vital organs, such as the heart and lungs to stop functioning.

For some, the feeling as the weight is released is the sole reason for casting the spell. This feeling, described by some as the ultimate ecstasy, relieves the muscles of the added burden, making them feel exceptionally light and enabling the former target to function beyond his natural abilities for a short period of time. Return to the top

Casting Procedure. Seeing as Colossal Weight has a very basic procedure, it is a relatively easy spell to cast for most magi. First, the mage must enter the state of concentration required for all spells. After this has been achieved, they must simply reach out to the target’s cár’áll and realign it more towards Earth. However, unlike with most low level spells, the casting does not end at this point. Even after the affect has been achieved, the mage must actively adjust strength of the effect until an optimal weight, which is different for each individual, is achieved. Return to the top

Magical Formula. Still to be defined. Return to the top

Focus/Target. The target of this spell can be any living being, though it works less favourably upon creatures such as insects or plants. Initially, the mage will only be able to affect smaller beings, but as their strength and proficiency with the spell grows, they will be able to target larger creatures and even pinpoint specific locations to target. Return to the top

Reagents. Stone and gems are the most common reagents used for this spell, though other substances, such as metal also suffice. But, because of its easy principles, it does not take most magi long to out-grow the reagent phase of learning. Return to the top

Spell Class. Elemental School of Earth, Physical Representation of Sphere I. Return to the top

Range. It is not unlikely that at high levels, a mage would be able to cast the spell from considerable distances. However, for most new to the spell, the magi must be within one ped of their target at all times. Return to the top

Casting Time. The amount of time required to alter the cár’áll of the target is quite short, regardless of level. Seeing as the spell employs a single basic principle, once the mage reaches level four, he can cast it nearly instantaneously. Return to the top

Duration. As the spell is Sphere I, its effects last only as long as the caster maintains the spell.  Return to the top

Counter Measures/Enhancing Measures. Seeing as the Spell is so basic, and so dangerous, few find need to enhance its affects. Some insist that non-reagent components, such as soothing music and appealing scents assist in casting, but this theory has yet to be proven.

In addition to the standard practice of causing a spell fizzle through induced pain or death, very few other counter measures exist to reverse this spell. Seeing as it is rarely used for malevolent purposes, most feel that there would be no need to counter its affects as they can simply be lifted by the mage. However, if one should feel a need to reverse the effects instantaneously, it is possible for another Earth or Xeua mage to realign the cár’áll to its original state. Return to the top

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