The Harden spell is one of the spells that are taught to beginning mages. It is a basic spell yet only a few students can do it well. The spell increases the hardness of any material to add strength or durability. It is mainly used by war mages on the walls of their cities and their gates. But also, rarely, on enemy weapons to cause them to become brittle as glass.

The spell can be cast on everything. Some mages say that if a powerful mage concentrates hard enough, he or she can even turn water into an ice like substance. When it comes to casting on a living thing, the spell can be disastrous. If the spell was cast on a body, then the body might stiffen and the blood will become thicker and might eventually stop flowing. The skin would become harder but the effect would probably kill the target if maintained for long periods of time.

Spell Effect. The spell's effect is quite straightforward and simple: it will cause any object to become harder than its original state. The mage does this by focusing on the Earth ounía of the target, then, increasing its influence on the target and concentrating on raising the hardness property of the Earth ounía.

The spell can be cast on everything without any unwanted consequences (if done properly). One example is if the spell was cast on an object where Earth is the dominant element. The mage might cause the object to become too brittle to be of use if the Earth ounía is raised too much. The effect, however; can be an advantage to the enemies.
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Casting Procedure.
Beginners might have problems casting the spell so it is advised that they be in contact with the target. The mage may also want to hold something hard like a stone or a piece of metal to help them visualize the physical strength of the Earth. The mage then proceeds to tap on the Earth ounía of the object's cár'áll. Next, he or she must try on concentrating on raising the influence of the Earth ounía and especially their hardness property. The mage, however; must make sure that they do not overwhelm an object with its own Earth ounía if they desire to give the object more endurance. If they overwhelm the object with its own Earth ounía, it might become brittle and would be useless, although it can also have its advantages. If an enemy would be able to perform the spell and overwhelm an object with its Earth ounía, then the object would become easy to shatter, leaving it useless. Return to the top

Magical Formula.
Not defined yet. Return to the top

Anything but it is discouraged to cast on living beings. Return to the top

A stone or anything else that is hard. Return to the top

Spell Class.
Sphere I, Rigidity (Physical Representation of the Earth School). Return to the top

Beginners have to be in contact with the target for a successful casting. As the mage's power increases, the spell's range also increases. The ranges of particular levels are estimated to be as follows:

Casting Time. The spell generally takes a few blinks to cast. Return to the top

The spell's effect will last as long as the caster continues to concentrate on the spell. Return to the top

Counter Measures/Enhancing Measures.
An Earth Mage can do the opposite of the spell and decrease the influence of the Earth ounía on the target. However, if the spell is being used for defense such as strengthening a wall, an Earth Mage may just increase the influence and overwhelm the target to make it brittle and making it easier to break. Knocking the caster out of concentration also works. Return to the top

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