This spell allows the caster to raise a solid wall of earth from the ground when the mage is in danger. While the spell provides already a good temporary protection if maintained at lower levels it needs its time for preparation. However, at higher levels Shiled of Stone may become a defensive reflex for powerful mages, who are capable of casting this kind of protection almost instantaneously once the mage notices danger.

Spell Effect. Shield of Stone is a defensive spell in which the mage raises a small chunk of stone out of the ground and creates a barrier between himself (or any other person he/she wants to assist) and a projectile. The spell is accomplished by bending the cár'áll of the ground in front of the person, which the caster wishes to protect. The caster raises the earth from the ground, transforming it into the shape of a defensive stone wall. The wall can - depending on the mage's level - be up to 2 peds in height and have a thickness of a palmspan or two, or at higher levels even a fore or two. The width of the generated wall might even reach up to three peds. Once the mage ceases exerting his/her influence on the earth, the wall will crumble again.

If cast on lower levers, Shield of Stone will not work properly unless there is a considerable amount of solid stone present for the mage to be used to transform. If the stone is not present, the shield will fall apart the second it is raised because the loose soil is not substantial enough to maintain the shape if the mage cannot reinforce it. The story goes by the way that this specific spell was originally discovered by accident, when an earth mage was attacked by an archer. Realizing he had no time to protect himself, the mage threw up his arms in desperation trying to manipulate the surroundings somehow to fend off the attacker - and was startled to find a useful wall had erected between him and the arrow. We're lucky that our mage survived the vicious attack, told the tale to others and made sure that others learned about the spell's usefulness as well.

When the mage reaches level 6, the spell becomes very easy to perform, as it then is cast almost like a reflex, as the mage does not need to consciously focus on the casting itself to occur. Note: The spell can already be cast at level 3, however it takes quite a while to raise the shield and therefore the projectile very likely will have damaged the caster before the shield could be raised. Return to the top

Casting Procedure. Casting this spell doesn't take too long which is why it is such an effective defensive spell. The spell consists of only two main steps, the connection step, and the creation step. It is during the connection step that the caster focusses on the cár’áll of the earth that he will raise into a shield. Even for new mage this is very simple, and by the time the caster reaches level 6 or 7, he can do it in a blink or less. The second step is the creation step. During this phase of casting, the caster erects the wall from the ground. For young magi, this is done by raising their hands in a swift upward motion. For more experienced magi, this motion is not necessary and the creation can be done by picturing it in their mind or even performing a slight gesture. Return to the top

Magical Formula. Not yet defined. Return to the top

Focus/Target. This spell targets nearby ground, representing to a large degree the Element of Earth. While younger mages only have the ability to create small shields, about a ped in width and two peds in height using ONLY stone, to protect themselves, more experienced casters can create shields to protect them and their allies using any type of earth. Return to the top

Reagents. Every kind of stone held by the mage will strengthen the idea the caster has in mind - to manipulate the earth ounía of the targeted ground cár'áll. Return to the top

Spell Class. Elemental Earth Magic, physical representation of Sphere I. Return to the top

Range. The range of this spell varies based on the level of the mage. While a young mage is not as adept at making very strong shields, they can also only make shields at a maximum distance of one ped away. More experienced mages, who are able to manipulate the cár’áll of the ground much easier around them can create shields anywhere within sight. Return to the top

Casting Time. The casting time for this spell is relatively quick because the mage needs to be able to use the spell defensively.

Level Casting Time
Level 3 1/4 of a minute
Level 5 a few blinks
Level Casting Time
Level 7 not more than a blink
Level 9+ instantaneously Return to the top

Duration. The spell lasts until the mage lowers the shield or it is destroyed. Return to the top

Counter Measures/Enhancing Measures. This spell can be countered both magically and non-magically. The first way to counter the spell would be to interrupt the mage from casting, causing the spell to fizzle. This can be accomplished through physical and verbal distractions. Also the casting of the spell can be interrupted by severe pain or death (caused both magically and non-magically). After the shield has been raised, it can be knocked down using a hammer or another blunt object. The spell can also be countered using a multitude of spells to destroy the shield or change it to a less substantial substance. Depending on the thickness of the shield it might also prove ineffective against exceptionally strong projectile attacks.

There are few ways to enhance this spell. The first is to have multiple magicians casting the spell, and then having a more experienced mage mend the shields together. This is often considered useless because the more experienced mage can create a shield large enough to protect everyone. The only time when this would be used would be in long, hard fights when the more experienced mage is attempting to save his energy. Return to the top

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