The spell Wizard's Chains is spell of the Earth School designed to halt the physical movements of a target. One example of the use of this spell is if the mage is confronted with an attacker seeking to do him harm, the mage casts the spell that slows and halts the target’s movement, rendering them now harmless for a time.

Spell Effect. Wizard's Chains is accomplished by giving the element of Earth a greater influence in the target's cár'áll, specifically the Earth property of stillness. Like most Earth spells, the lingering effects acquire a very minor 'glaze of permanence', lasting a bit longer than the typical Sphere I spell.

Wizard's Chains was originally developed as a defensive spell, capable of rendering an opponent without movement long enough to escape the situation, or immobilize them further with rope or another material or method. The target will be unable to move the area that the caster has 'chained' until the spell wears off after the caster stops concentrating. Return to the top

Casting Procedure. To cast this spell, one utilizes the Earth property of Stillness. The caster focuses on raising the influence of the Earth ounia in the cár'áll of their target, specifically the muscles of the targets limbs. The caster may also focus on specific areas, depending on the situation and task at hand. Return to the top

Magical Formula. Not yet defined. Return to the top

Focus/Target. The target could be any muscle that the caster may wish to affect. The number of sentient beings that can be affected by this spell increases with level, as the mage would have to focus on many muscles in order to affect more than a few targets at one time. Archmagi should be able to affect no less than a large crowd. Return to the top

Reagents. There are not many reagents that could aid in the casting of this spell. However, some have found it useful to hold or visualize a rock while casting, to symbolize stillness and immobility. The individuals who do this are generally those who are initially learning it. Return to the top

Spell Class. Physical representation of Solidity, Rigidity. Return to the top

Range. Initially, the caster should be no more than two peds away from their target. As the caster progresses with level, experience, and focus, the range would increase, usually doubling with each level, if not more. Return to the top

Casting Time. Like most Earth spells, this spell takes affect gradually at the initial level of learning, first slowing the target, and eventually causing them to come to a complete stop. At the intial level, it can be completely cast in about two minutes. This length decreases ever so slightly as the mage progresses in level, willpower, and focus. A high level mage experienced with Sphere I would be able to cast this spell virtually instantly. Return to the top

Duration. Initially, the spell effects will begin to fade after about one minute after the caster's concentration is broken. The target may still be stiff and feel slight numbness for a bit after this time has expired, but will revert back to their natural state after a short period of time. This time will lengthen depending on the caster's level. Return to the top

Counter Measures/Enhancing Measures. Like with all spells, it may be countered by interrupting the caster's concentration. Other methods are as follows: An earth mage may lower the property of stillness in the target's muscles or a wind mage may raise the property of motion. A water mage may also raise the property of change, acting as a catalyst in helping to reverse the car'all of the muscles back to their natural state. A fire mage may raise the property of animation.

It generally aids the caster if the target is at rest upon casting this spell, or if they are wearing armour or something else relatively heavy that slows them down. It also helps if the target is particularly stiff in the muscles or joints. Return to the top

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