Spell Effect. The spell summons a chasm demon of the Netherworlds, to attack, ravage, kill and pillage anything within its path. The demon is not under the control of the summoner, the demon does indeed have a mind of its own and can pick and choose its targets. This spell is very dangerous, for an incorrect recitation or loss of concentration can cause instant injury or even death. Be forewarned - knowledge of the demon being summoned is a must. Return to the top

The Chasm Demon
View picture in full size Image description. The Chasm Demon, a creature known from the tales of the War of the Chosen. Picture drawn by Faugar.

Casting Procedure. The ritual is a long and tiring process. Some mages who attempt it find that not finishing can cause many dangerous side-effects. Possession of the mage's body by the spirit is common to those that fail, as well as a permanent loss of cár'áll.

One of the most important steps in this spell is to know demonology to this point inside and out. Contact with the demon is a must, and knowledge of the demon and a bond of trust is very important. If one is unsure of their skills, one should not attempt this spell if they value their life.

To incur the proper amount of damage, the summoner must be relatively close to the place that they wish to wreak havoc upon. This chosen place should have no distractions, for the slightest distraction could cause the summoner to make a mistake (a wrongly said word, a stumble in one's step, etc.), which can cause harm or death. Good places for destroying a town would be an abandoned building within the town, or a near-by field.

A circle with a diameter of 2 peds needs to be drawn around upon the floor. A pole standing between 2-3 peds high should be placed upright in the middle of the circle. The pole symbolizes the height of the demon.

A warg fang should be placed at the bottom of the pole while the human heart is impaled, then slid down the pole to about mid way. The orc head should be impaled on top of the pole. A canvas with the drawing of the chasm demon on it should be placed upon the floor in front of the pole, so that the orc head is looking upon it. An artist can be consulted for this element, for if the portrait does not correctly portray the summoner's chosen demon, the spell can go awry, which may result in harm or death to the summoner. The portrait can be modified to change the appearance of the demon slightly, such as skin hue. A yummoner can play around and choose any color for the demon - many Summoners will mark the demon with a symbol that can be perceived as a type of signature.

The caster must then anoint himself/herself in the orc blood. One can pour it upon them or soak themselves in a tub of it. The blood blankets the summoner in "evil", and when the chasm demon appears upon this plane it will recognize the summoner and should not attack them, unless that is the demon's intent.

After "bathing" in the orc blood, the summoner should kneel before the canvas of the demon, and contact it - asking the demon to abandon its current territory, as the successful spell severs all the target's territoral connections, thus making it appear at the location from where these severing energy emanates from.

If one needs steps on how to do this process, one should not be attempting to summon. Contacting the demon is one of the first steps in demonology, and if one is not familiar with doing so, one is in great danger of inflicting harm upon their person.

The next step is where many errors occur. The summoner should attempt to slip themselves into a trance after kneeling. The beginning or invocation occurs - as the demon attempts to emerge onto this plane, he bonds with the summoner - inhabiting the same body. The summoner will make many sporadic movements and sounds as this occurs. The summoner should be calm and allow whatever happens to happen - for fear of the demon makes it stronger and one's self far more successible to injury and death. Do not fight thedemon within! If you have done the spell correctly, this difficult part will pass. If any kind of distraction snaps the summoner out of the trance, or the summoner trips or falls, The demon can easily take possession, or kill the summoner from the inside. This is one of the main reasons why one must know the demon and their craft.

The elements within the pole's ring will begin to emit an other-worldly light, and soon the entire circle will be enveloped. This is a sign of the demon moving itself from the summoner's body to the area that was prepared for it. When the transfer is near completion, flames will arise from the ground, and rise high above the caster, usually about the height of the pole. These flames will begin to recede in a moment's time, and the figure of the summoned demon will become visible. From this point on, the demon is on its own - it will do what it wants and how it wants. The summoner can speak to the beast in the same fashion as before, but be aware that this beast is no longer hindered by distance. Be very careful not to get on its "bad side".
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Magical Formula. [...] Return to the top

Target. Spiritual target, usually located at another plane, usally the Netherworlds. Return to the top

The summoner should gather the following items needed for the summoning;

Note that while the items listed above can be retrieved from their local homes, Ximax may or may not have a black market for these items. Check with an elder mage for easier locations of these needed items. Return to the top

Magical School. Elemental Magic, Ecuá School. Return to the top

Spell Class. Demonology. Return to the top

Range. Within 3 peds of the canvas. Return to the top

Casting Time. From 10 to 12 hours (the stronger the demon, the longer the casting time). Return to the top

Duration. The duration of a succesful summoning lasts until the demon is killed, sent back to the Netherworlds, or its life-time expires naturally. An average chasm demon’s life time in the real world is about a week - the strength to sustain a corporeal form is taxing on a demon. Return to the top

Counter Measures/Enhancing Measures.
When the Summoner feels that the demon has done what needs to be done, one can try to send it back. Be advised that some demons may not want to be sent back, but the smarter ones will realize that the summoner is their key to this world. The summoner must make sure the circle where the demon was summoned is not destroyed or defiled in any way, and go back there with the demon. The demon must stand in the circle, and the summoner will attempt to slip into a trance, and perform a ‘dance’ similar to the possession dance - reciting words and chants. The same bright light will become apparent and the light will seem to swallow the demon. As the light fades, the demon will no longer be present, only small flames will mark the place where it once stood.

If the summoner is killed, the demon will lose some of its power, but will still go on to destroy the area. The only way to stop it is by the death of the demon or another, stronger mage sending it back. The life-time of the demon can be enhanced by casting the spell "Increasc Corporal Ties" upon the demon. Return to the top

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