Spell Effect. This spell completely severs most essential connections of the target. It affects a small, spherical area. Once unconnected, the target will gain several attributes. These include being colored the darkest shade of black imaginable, moving without sound, being able to walk through walls, floors, or even the Earth itself. However, the most terrifying of these is the ability to spread the Unbeing by touching something, which takes an immense effort to do (in their unconnected state, connecting with anything even at such a basic physical level takes a massive effort) hence the common term for this spell: the Void Plague. Thankfully, after a time, the Unbeing overwhelms the target, and it becomes merely a globe of levitating black, called an Unsphere, incapable of thought, movement, or anything but being reconnected over time, and turned back into its natural element. Return to the top

Casting Procedure. The wizard in question must be within 5 peds of the target area. They should then produce the elven finger bone, and point it at the target area's center. Then they should crush the dried Brownie eye, and place the resulting dust on the bone. After this, they should say the incantation, and the eyedust should turn to black flame. Then, a flick of the bone-wand should send this fire into the target area, where it will burn outwards, leaving a spherical area of lightless black things; the Element of Air seems relatively unaffected by the spell, and will be roughly the same.
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Magical Formula. Ecú Hín (Styrásh "
Ecú Hín"), short for "Ecú Herín" (Ecú Herín), literally meaning "Cloud of Breaking". Return to the top

Target. A spherical area, from 3 fores to 2 peds in radius.
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Reagents. An elven finger bone for use as a wand; also one dried Brownie eye.
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Magical School. Ecuá Magic.
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Spell Class. Not yet defined.
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Range. Startable from one up to 5 peds away.

Casting time. 30 seconds rushed, 7 minutes advised. Rushed casting may result in a catastrophic fizzle. Return to the top

Duration. The affected will revert to an Unsphere within two days of casting, and the Unsphere will take approximately a week to dissipate.
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