This arcane spell allows a necromancer in the element of fire to create fiery minions, burning corpses, to rise up battling for the wizard, moving objects and aiding the mage in any way the spell creator desires. The true effects of this spell are wide ranged in the simple premise that a low level mage has but a plain mindless drone. But a spell caster of some renown may have a pair of armed flaming combatants with the knowledge of how to coordinate them in battle.

Fiery Minions
View picture in full size Image description. Animated corpses on a battlefield, being brought back to "life" for a short period of time through the Fiery Minion spell. Picture from the game Mystical Empire™, used with friendly permission. Illustration by Faugar.

Spell Effect. Upon casting this spell, the influence of fire in the cár'áll is strengthened in the targeted dead bodies (note: The spell is cast upon one or more corpses, other prerequisites for this spell are listed in casting procedure.) This strengthening of the fire ounia in the deceased body allows the magi to manipulate the corpse to do their bidding. Mind you that this influence must be concentrated upon, otherwise the control of the fire ounia that were strengthened is lost, causing the spell's effects to fail. Casters of the seventh level and beyond can cast this spell leaving the minions to act upon simple commands given them.

The necromancer Twen Araerwen likens the control of these minions on a vocal level in this way: “The teachings of those of us with a passion for the flames, permits us to engage in recreation upon the emotions of our enemies or occasionally friends.” A mischievous smile coming warmly to her crimson lips as she spoke on, a twinkle of glee racing over the surface of metallic grey eyes. “Inspiring fear, lust or rage in my enemies works well in causing them to destroy themselves why I focus upon more important matters. - By manipulating the cár'áll in this way, I use verbal commands to focus my control in a fine tuned manner. This permits me to strengthen the fire ounia within the corpse causing it to react to my will.” Twen’s eyes adverting to watch the last rays of the Injèrá setting through the libraries stained-glass window as her tone became more solemn. “Always remember this, no person shall ever view you the same once they perceive you to have defiled the dead. But the time you start talking to them, even your best friends will look upon you differently.” (Quoted from: "Grogan Infernus's personal notes on Necromancy")

As the caster advances in power he/she gains the ability to manipulate the fire of more than one corpse. Thereby giving themselves a pair or more of undead servants to defend them, move heavy objects and intimidate enemies. Mind you a caster of seventh level or beyond if concentrating on but a single flaming corpse could control it on an amazing level. If a weapon were placed in this minions hand it could be used as a fiery combatant, with good melee skills (since it does not know pain) and it has one heck of an intimidation factor.

Some magi have used this spell upon already deceased bodies within a raging inferno in attempts to put out such blazes. Return to the top

Casting Procedure. All magi casting this spell must set ablaze the corpse that they wish to control; the fire is needed to strengthen the fire ounia of the burning bodies so that they can be manipulated. Bodies are not exactly easily come by; this causes only more complexity to this spell. Some magi use mundane things such as torches or bonfires, if time allows, many times coupled with the Rise Flame spell to hasten the inferno on the bodies. Once there are ample flames upon them the magi simply wave their hand overhead casting a fistful of ash into the air, this act representing earth wishing to return to fire, and ancient elven concept. Return to the top

Magical Formula. To be defined at a later date. Return to the top

Focus/Target. The target or targets of this spell cannot number more than what is stated under Duration and Control section. If more targets are wished then more uses of this spell are needed. Remember that the more bodies controlled in this way it lessens the finesse at which each can be effectively manipulated. Return to the top

Reagents. Ashes from any long since incinerated corpse will work. Return to the top

Spell Class. Enflamement as Physical Representation of Sphere I.  Return to the top

Range. About 3 peds distance per skill level of the caster is possible to achieve with this spell. Return to the top

Casting Time. The bodies of the minions to be animated must be on fire. This can be accomplished through magical or mundane ways, completely dependant on the surroundings and abilities of the magi in question. Once the bodies are ablaze the mage can then cast this spell properly, the reagents and formula taking but a few moments to accomplish. Return to the top

Duration and Control. The duration of this spell varies with the power of the casting magi.

Counter Measures/Enhancing Measures. Application of the element of water would be the greatest counter measure to this spell. Large quantities of water could be used to weaken the fire ounía of this spell causing the incantation to falter. Mundane forms of escaping or weakening these minions could be accomplished by placing large bodies of water between a person and the minions. Causing the fire magi to remain focused to keep the strength of the fire ounía high enough to cross rivers or survive rain storms.

Enhancement can be accomplished by having a strong ambient amount of fire ounia. A highly volcanic area or in the midst of a large forest fire would lend a great deal strength to this spell. Return to the top

History. This spell is thought to have been created by the deeply melancholic Ifer’hém elf, Twen Araerwen. The elf was in forced exile from her homeland and researched this incantation shortly following her graduation from the renowned school of Ximax. She was an astute practitioner of the Sphere of Enflamement, in the element of fire, throughout her near two century long study within the Academy. Most of these studies had been privately spent with one of her mentors focusing on the Sphere of Enflamement almost exclusively, in addition to her normal studies.

The elf could animate no less than five minions if the bodies were available and two of these would be armed flaming combatants. The mage has spent near two centuries studying Enflamement on top of her regular studies at the school of Ximax. Mind you all other spheres of fire have lacked for the mage and continues to do so, making her spells of other spheres much weaker. This horrid aspect of fire not being taught within the walls of said school.

A true graduate of Ximax would have to spend near three quarters of a century, if an elf, with well over a century of Ximaxian teachings in addition to understand Enflamement on such a level. Making it near impossible for many to teach this magic, Twen in near two centuries has met only her teacher. The elf now has more skill in Enflamement than her once mentor, possibly making the mage the most accomplished teacher of this magic in all of Southern Sarvonia.

The research for this elusive spell has kept Twen around battlefields most of her life, this environment has warped the already sorrowful elf’s intellect even more in its research.
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