A wicked spell for both necromancers and fire sorcerers alike, Grip of the Malefic causes the heart of the target to stop beating, as if the target's heart is being gripped by an invisible hand. This spell paralyzes the heart of the target, preventing the distribution and circulation of one of the most vital part of the body, the blood. It is a very versatile spell, effective for killing opponents or otherwise disabling them by keeping the spell up until the target loses consciousness.

"How does it feel like when my hand closes tightly around your heart? Simple. It tries to beat, struggle, and pump the precious red liquid in your body. The harder it works, the more you'll realize that it's a futile attempt; your heart is under MY control now!"

Spell Effect. The spell basically, by intense concentration, weakens the influence of the fire ounía in the victim, particularly the area around the chest, as that is the part nearest to the heart. With the weakening of the fire ounia, the influence of animation is severely crippled, causing the heart to stop beating and eventually leading to loss of consciousness, seizures, stopping of breath, and ultimately, to the death of the target. Return to the top

Casting Procedure. Ash is to be rubbed on both hands to help the caster in his concentration. After the preparation, the mage will then look at the target and grip an imaginary heart, as if he is actually squeezing the real one. It may take from a few blinks to a few minutes for the spell to be completed. After the activation of the spell, the caster needs to keep the spell up for up to a few minutes for the purpose of keeping the blood from resuming its course. Towards the completion of the spell, the mage needs only to gloat over his enemy as he dies ever so slowly. Return to the top

Magical Formula. Still to be added. Return to the top

Focus/Target. Any living being, be it beast or humanoid. Return to the top

Reagents. Ash is rubbed on both hands. Higher level magi do not need it. Return to the top

Spell Class. Physical Representation of Sphere I. Return to the top

Range. Magi of all levels need to see the target clearly in order to cast this spell, especially the area around the heart. Starting at level 3, the mage can accurately cast this spell at a distance of about 5 peds. Distance gradually increases as the mage increases in level. Return to the top

Casting Time. Level determines the amount of time the caster needs to cast the spell. The spell will take effect after a few minutes for magi who have just learned the spell. Experienced sorcerers, however, will only require a few blinks to grip their target's heart. After the casting time is completed, the caster needs to keep the spell up for a few minutes. Return to the top

Duration. Duration applies to keeping the spell up for it to succeed. Starters will have a difficult time in focusing the spell, and once started will have to keep it up for a few minutes to achieve the death of the target, while higher level magi will have an easy time in concentrating for the spell to work. The mage can stop chanelling the spell once the target is unconscious or dead. Return to the top

Counter Measures/Enhancing Measures. A typical counter measure is if the caster is distracted or injured, causing them to lose concentration. Hiding from the line of sight of the caster helps too. The most effective counter measure, however, is blinding the caster. Fire magi can do this by causing a very bright flash to achieve the desired results.

As for enhancing measures: If the target's body is already weakened or is suffering from a disease, the caster will have an easier time hastening the death of the target. Return to the top

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