Spell Effect. Blazing Shield is a spell designed to gain a serious advantage in battle; Blazing Shield engulfs something into flames, thus creating a powerful shield against melee attacks. An arrow or a bolt would most likely pass through, however on higher levels it could as well burn up. (At the starter level this spell creates fire as hot as a campfire, however this increases with level.) The spell is as well known to be used to protect items, however, as it requires cár'áll to work, it is only usable on powerful magical artifacts that have the energy needed to fuel the shield.

Once the spell is cast, it can either be linked to the caster, using his/her cár'áll to fuel the fire, or it can be linked to the target, using its cár'áll. The flames engulf something very close to it (if it is a person, the fire will almost have contact with the skin or clothing of that person), but as the heat and flame are radiated away from the point of origin, the fire does not affect the target. The point of origin will also deflect the flame of this spell, so if a person takes a hand to the chest while being shielded, the person will not burn himself/herself. (It should be noted that it only deflects that spell’s flames, so if two persons with shields clash, they will be affected by each other’s shields, even if those shields were created by the same mage.)

Blazing Shield spell uses the caster’s cár'áll to create a point of origin all the way around something, and then ignite it, activating the shield. The spell lasts as long as the one fuelling it has the energy to do it, however he or she can terminate it anytime. The caster can also set a time limit, making the spell self-terminate after the time given runs out.
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Casting Procedure. To cast this spell, a mage must speak the formula aloud, thus creating a point of origin for the spell. After that is done, the caster must quickly throw some sulphur at the receiver, thus igniting the shield. Return to the top

Magical Formula. "Eferthé, eferaía" ("Fire, burn!") Return to the top

Target. Technically, anything can be the target of this spell, however, it must be solid. Usually, this spell is used on people and artifacts that need to be shielded against touch of melee attacks. Return to the top

Reagents. Sulphur is needed to ignite the shield after the point of origin has been set. Return to the top

Magical School. Elemental Magic, Fire School. Return to the top

Spell Class. Still to be decided (Imbuing?). Return to the top

Range. The caster must be no longer than 3 peds away from the target, adding one ped per level above the basic. Return to the top

Casting Time. After the formula is recited and the point of origin is created, the caster must ignite the shield within 15 seconds, otherwise the spell fizzles. Return to the top

Duration. The duration of the spell depends on to whom the spell is linked to. If it is the receiver, maximum duration is hard to tell, however, if it is linked to the caster, Ximaxian mages say about 20 minutes at basic level, adding about 5-10 minutes per level above. Return to the top

Counter Measures/Enhancing Measures. To counter this spell, one could either dispel it altogether, or use spells that grant fire resistance. Fireproof armour can also help.

Enhancing this spell is somewhat difficult, however, mages skilled in fire are known to use a mix of sulphur and charcoal dust instead of pure sulphur, claiming that it makes the flames stronger. Return to the top

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