Much like Quilrosh's Fireball, only more destructive, Fireblast is the advanced form of the Fireball, an offensive spell used by many fire magi. A simple explanation would be a quick burst of Fireballs released by the caster in rapid succession to eradicate his enemies, scorching and burning them. It is quite useful for dispersing groups, or if desired, target a single individual with this spell. Young magi can usually conjure globes the size of a man's fist, while grand sorcerers and archmagi can conjure far larger spheres.

Spell Effect. The effect of this spell is quite simple: to leave burns and scars to those who were lucky enough to escape it, or instantly kill an opponent with one, two, or more globes of fire. The caster does this by manipulating and moving the fire ounía in his surroundings, storing and condensing it in his area of focus, the space between his palms and then by moving fire ounía from his surroundings to the palms. Return to the top

Casting Procedure. The mage positions his hands in a manner that a palm is facing his other palm. Then, he draws fire ounía from his surroundings, storing and saturating it in the area between his palms. Once the mage feels that a large amount of heated ounía is gathered, he starts releasing it in the form of fireballs in quick bursts, at the same time still gathering fire ounía to continue the spell. The higher level of the mage, the faster the fireballs will generate, one after another, until the stored ounía in the mage’s palm is depleted. Return to the top

Magical Formula. Still to be added. Return to the top

Focus/Target. The mage focuses his sight on a target to aim the shot, and can move his focus to another target once he hits the first one before the completion of the incantation. Return to the top

Reagents. Sulfur is to be rubbed in both palms for better effect. Return to the top

Spell Class.  Sphere II, Ignition, Pyrokinesis Class. Physical Representation. Return to the top

Range. As long as the mage is able to see the target, he can cast the spell on them. The number and the size of the fireballs is dependent on the level of the mage, starting with 3 at level 6 and increasing by 2 each level. Thus a level 12 caster can handle around 15 fireballs. Return to the top

Casting Time. Young inexperienced magi will have a hard time gathering fire ounia and releasing them in the form of fireballs, and will last a short time as each fireball is shot out in the form of quick bursts from the caster, while experienced sorcerers can gather cár’áll in an incredibly short amount of time and shoot them in a few blinks. Return to the top

Duration. The spell will last until the saturated ouníaiin the mage's palms is depleted.  Return to the top

Counter Measures/Enhancing Measures. As the firing rate of the fireballs cannot be controlled, aiming it proved to be difficult, so agile people can attempt to avoid the globes by running, darting, and evading the shots, if the caster would be in a far place. A ranged combatant could also shoot the mage casting the spell, successfully injuring the caster and making the spell backfire. Distracting the mage, however, can also cause the incomplete spell to be fired on the intended target.

As for enhancing means of this spell: Stealth and quickness of mind helps a lot in preparing the spell, because if the casting time is completed, and provided that the caster could aim well, the caster can achieve maximum effectiveness of the spell. As with the Quilrosh's Fireballsspell, casting it in dry places where fire is dominant would enhance the spell. Holding a torch to help the casting is also another enhancement, although it is heavily advised not to do so. Return to the top

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