The Olesian Obstruction is the idea that a "depiction" (a Krean magic spell of the Persuasive echelon) will increasingly approach, but never quite reach, a true portrayal of the desired possibility. This sub-entry explains the concept of such a barrier and examines its implications for Krean mages. The Olesian Obstruction takes its name from the sorceress Olesia Altheasis who first noticed the predicament (pre-3200 b.S., exact dates unknown).

Alternative Terminology. Other synonyms include the “Definitional Barrier”, “Descriptive Barrier”, “Expressive Barrier”, and “the Olesian Barrier” (which is somewhat easier to pronounce than the formal, alliterative “Olesian Obstruction”).

Concept. Krean magic is divided into three tiers according to the methodology used in spell-casting: Magic Mechanical, Magic Persuasive, Magic Existential. Magic Persuasive, the “arch-school” of the Krean Arcane Pyramid, entails “defining” the desired possibility and “persuading” the First Wave to substitute that for the existing reality.

The Infinity Hypothesis. According to the Infinity Hypothesis, any possibility can be infinitely elaborated upon; there are no limits on the level of detail that comprises a particular piece of reality.

The Olesian Obstruction. The degree of detail one can provide is commensurate with one’s perception and corresponds to the devices/senses used in making that observation. (That is to say: smart, observant people will notice more things than slower or absent-minded people; your eyes will only allow you to perceive colours and shapes – if you want to discern scents, you need to use your nose.) Since the delineation of any possibility extends ad infinitum but human capability does not – a mage can never put the “finishing touch”: A spell will increasingly approach, but never quite reach, a true portrayal of the desired possibility; it will at best be an approximation. This is akin to perpetually cutting a piece of string into halves; with each division the segment becomes smaller but will never completely disappear. This concept is known as “the Narrative Barrier” or “Olesian Obstruction”, after the sorceress Olesia Altheasis who first noticed the predicament.
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Corollaries. T
he issue of the Olesian Obstruction brings with it the following corollaries, which we try to summarize in the following:


[1] Compendium’s Note: This, of course, is an oversimplification. The reader is encouraged to consult the overview on Krean arcane arts and the entry on Magic Persuasive. [Back]

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