The first group to ever use the magical art of Weaving. Long ago the Old Weavers disappeared from Caelereth, and the Weavers of today know almost nothing about them. A library, the one of the Old Weaver Marvost Salfrond, was found and shed new light on some things, but the Old Weavers still remain a mystery.

Territory. The territory that the Old Weavers claim today is the Empire of Kavash. Kavash lies entirely in the Web, hidden. It is supposed to have consisted of at least 126 cities, created from magic, supposedly lost. But the Old Weavers live there still or so it is believed. They will stay there until one whom they deem worthy enough finds Delonaire (
also know as the "Woven City" to the Weavers, others call it simply the "City of Magic"), the first city they created. Only then will they come forth to reclaim their old strongholds. Return to the top

People. People from every sentient species make up the Old Weavers, just as they make up the Weavers today. But these people are stronger. The Web is theirs to mold, and they've had thousands of years to perfect their art. They rule the Web, and, though they don't know it, they even may rule the Weavers.
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Housing. The grand buildings of the cities of Kavash house the Old Weavers. Spired towers, grand designs, unimaginable structures of every sort. They are truly a sight to behold, and on the inside they are even greater. Many tapestries, libraries, artifacts, historical items, and other things can be found there that the Old Weavers took when they left Caelereth. They've also weaved some very interesting machines from magic, and doing some experiments with specimen captured from Caelereth (supposedly something they learned from texts a few Brownie Weavers rescued from Birn.
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Clothing. Possibly the most amazing thing is about the clothes they wear. From a distance they look like billowing, silvery, soft cloaks and robes. But truly, they are actually woven clouds of magic. They were woven to look like silken cloth and be somewhat like a cloud, and shimmer beautifully.
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Diet. The Old Weavers have also become adept at agriculture, cultivating and eating the plants that they brought from Caelereth when they left. They also breed animals they brought for meat. Most foods have nutrition magically woven into them.
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Weapons. The only weapon the Old Weavers use is their magic. Unlike the majority of today's Weavers, they do not carry a backup dagger just in case. They don't really need any other weapon, as the Web creatures are their only foes and the only means against them seems to be magic.
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Occupations. All types of occupations are available. The cities are no different from others, with the exception of locations. They have all kinds of jobs to fill for life to continue normally. Most importantly, though, are the political positions. Of course, the only ones that change are the Senators and Representatives of each city.
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Government. The Old Weavers are structured as an Empire. The Emperors are the 5 Masters of Weaving. Below them is the Council of Arshek, named for the capital city of the Kavash empire. Each city also has a Senate, each consisting of 20 Senators and 1 Representative. The Representatives represent the city during a Conclave, a large gathering of Representatives, the Council, and the Masters, which makes important decisions. It was a Conclave that made the decision to retreat from Caelereth.

Age of Silence

9764 b.S. The Day of Gathering
742 powerful people who were branded as 'mages' along with the rest of the new magic-users, gather at a remote point in the northern lands. It is, strangely, lush and green, as if it were prepared for their coming. They find a 5 ped high, column-like stone, named the Stone of Speaking. This stone informs them, through a strange voice, that they are not like the rest of the new mages. Thus are the Old Weavers created.
9711 b.S. Completion of the Temple of Weaving
With instructions given by the Stone of Speaking the Old Weavers create their remarkable sanctuary where their secret can be protected.
9541 b.S. Establishing of Recruitment Process
The Old Weavers establish their recruitment process, though in these early days they can only discover who has the Art through the Stone of Speaking. It announces their position and the Weavers go and get them. Until now, Old Weavers just come into their own power. Once they reach a certain level, their sight changes as if they had gone through the modern day Ceremony of Sight.
9372 b.S. Invasion of the Temple
Saria Starlight, Chosen of Queprur, invades the Temple of Weaving. The Old Weavers are turned into slaves and used as weapons in the War of the Chosen. Many Old Weavers die simply because Saria has a particular rivalry with another Chosen who takes to attacking the Temple.
9213 b.S. Revolt of Kavash
Kavash, a Shapeshifting Dragon, rises up as one of the most powerful Old Weavers and leads a revolt against Saria Starlight. It ends in her destruction, and the instatement of Kavash, Mark Taram, Skyer Censer, Ka'Sek Huhwie'ong, and Eshk the Bold as the Masters of Weaving.
9195 b.S. Immortality for the Masters
The Masters come forth from a shared dream and a long ritual, claiming they have been given the secret to stop aging. Only the most powerful are granted this honor, and a new age of power begins.
9177 b.S. Start of the Great Weavings
The Great Weavings are started, an attempt by Kavash to raise the moral of all Old Weavers after the devasting time of the War of the Chosen.
9032 b.S. The Splitting of the Stone
After the Great Weavings are finished, he Old Weavers all begin a new quest for power. The Stone of Speaking announces that they have begun their own ascent to unbelievable power and could handle it on their own. After that it splits into 5 fragments and each Master keeps one as a rather large token.
9022 b.S. A Way to find new Inititates
Kavash, after long hours of meditation in front of his fragment of the Stone of Speaking, comes up with a way to find new initiates. The Masters all begin using this once a day to find them, and the rule of sending three people at once to retrieve the initiates is established.
9015 b.S. Discovery of the Web
The Web, as it is named by the Masters, is discovered. They all bring together the fragments of the Stone of Speaking in a point they saw in a dream they each shared. It opens a hole in the fabric of existence, into a new world, and represents a giant step in the quest for power.
9000 b.S. Stabilization of the Web
The War of the Chosen ends, and the Old Weavers note that the Web has settled a bit. Where it had once been always shifting and very dangerous, it now becomes stable.
8963 b.S. Discovery of the first Spyders
Spyders are first discovered in the Web. They pour into Caelereth unhindered, possessing people and taking information without anyone knowing. The Masters declare the beginning of the Hunt.
8906 b.S. End of the Spyder Hunt
The Hunt ends though spyders continue to slip into Caelereth in lesser numbers, they only possess Weavers. The Masters declare these spyders to be extremely hostile.
8852 b.S. Founding of the first Web Settlement
The first settlement, a small grouping of houses inside a crude wall, all constructed of magic, is founded. It is called Kavash, and becomes home to the most famous Web researchers.
8719 b.S. Completion of Delonaire
Construction of Delonaire, the now mythical Lost City, is finished. This is the first major city made in the Web. There have been great advancements and the Web manipulation technique is spread among many of the Old Weavers.
6249 b.S. Completion of the Empire of Kavash
The Masters declare that the Weaver Empire of Kavash, the name taken from the first Web settlement, is finally complete. With 126 cities, all created by magic, it covers a large portion of the Web, though it is still unknown how big the Web is.
6051 b.S. Immortality for the Old Weavers
The Masters decide that all should be given eternal life. Producing offspring is outlawed, but they shall all live forever in the Web, unless they are killed. Many enjoy this new gift, though some will later be driven insane and kill themselves because they couldn't comprehend their new lifespan.
5288 b.S. Establishing of Government System
The system of government still used by the Old Weavers is established. Many like it, especially those with power, though some journey deep into the Web to become hermits and further their own power freely.

Age of the Blood

806 b.S. Old Weavers withdraw from Caelereth
After news of the Battle of Annihilation reaches the Masters they decide to withdraw from Caelereth. They are worried that war will pursue and their secret will come out once again.
805 b.S. Sealing of the Delonaire Gateway
The last of the Old Weavers leave Caelereth for the Kavash Empire. At Delonaire the Gateway to the Empire is sealed and Delonaire itself hidden by powerful magic.
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