Spell Effect. Once Bluestride's Stored Momentum enchantment is operative, it will "charge" momentum for one minute after the enchantment is placed, and will retain the charge for three days before wearing out. To charge momentum, the wielder of the enchanted object must swing it during the time when it charges: all the momentum and force that would be delivered by the strikes within that minute are channeled into the one strike that follows the speaking of the magical formula.

The average strike from a well-charged object can utterly destroy any small object save the hardest gems and the most rare metals. The cardinal example of this spell in action is that used by some dwarven mages who wish to close off a tunnel with a bang. They use the charged strike against a stone wall, and the rock within a ped of the stricken point cracks and falls in on itself, similar to a strong giant smashing his fist against the wall. The rock closest to the striking point is turned into nothing but a cloud of rocky dust, while the rest cave in, often blocking the tunnel. Return to the top

Casting Procedure. This is one of the most simple, if time-consuming, of the enchantments. First, three of the object intended to be enchanted must be obtained. Each must then be submerged in a standard magical absorption potion (one part wizardleaf, four parts water) for a week. Then, all three must be charged, as per procedure above, for a full hour. After this, two must be merged into one object (see Phase Merge for details) and then that one must be covered with the ground-up remains of the remaining object. After this, the object must be stored in a chamber completely bereft of air current for a day, and then charged for another hour, with the wizard chanting the enchantment formula the whole while. Following this procedure, the enchantment will become active in three days.

Once the object is charged, merely speaking the casting formula will usually suffice to trigger the enchantment.

Re-enchantment can be done by simply taking something of the same material of the object, grinding it to dust, and then placing it in a magical absorption potion for a week. Then, all that remains is to take the resulting paste/crystals/mud and wrap the object in them for a day, following which the spell is good as new. Return to the top

Magical Formula.
There are two different magical formulas of relevance for this spell:

Target. Anything that can be used to carry charge and hit something with, from rocks to frying pans to tree branches. Return to the top

Reagents. The following reagents are necessary to cast the spell:

Magical School. Raw Magic. Return to the top

Spell Class. To be decided. Return to the top

Range. As far as the weapon's effective melee range. Return to the top

Casting Time. The enchantment itself is very time-consuming and may last up to several hours (see Casting Procedure). The application of the stored energy lasts not longer than a second. Return to the top

Duration. You need to discern between Enchantment and Effect Duration:

Counter Measures/Enhancing Measures. The spell can be countered quite easily by simply dodging the enchanted strike. The only thing that enhances the spell is charging it for an additional period of time: however, three charge periods are the spell's limit of power. Return to the top

Origin/History. This spell was not known to exist in Caelereth prior to the Archmagus Bluestride. It is evidently one of the first spells he taught to the young Khaelvan, and it since has become one of the foremost weapons in a traveling wizard's arsenal. The reasons for this are quite simple. While a group of thieves or brigands is likely to be capable of taking down a wizard, none of them wants to be the one whose broken body is found all over the tree that broke his fall. Return to the top

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