First Pulse, as its name suggests, is a starting point spell. Doing for Water what Flame Control does for Fire, First Pulse is designed to focus the caster and increase their affinity towards the element of Water in their environment in order to more easily use it in other spells. For many Water magi, it eventually becomes a natural first step whenever casting magic.

Spell Effect. First Pulse uses Sphere I to increase the properties of Water - in a general fashion - within the designated target. The Water ounía are intensified, and the target generally will take on characteristics of the element. The most common characteristics displayed, especially for living organisms, are an expanded state of mind, which is capable of concentrating on ideas while being open to new developments, and a tendency for the skin to become colder to touch. On the other hand, particularly instable minds might be made even more instable with this spell, and like all Water spells the increase in the coldness property can be discomforting or even dangerous to a novice caster or foreign target, so caution is recommended.

At its lowest levels, First Pulse is generally used for the caster or a single foreign target only. However, as the mage becomes more experienced, it can be used to affect an area around the caster or target instead of the caster or target itself. This might eventually evolve into the Area of Frost spell, which is similar except that it focuses on an even larger area and with certain different variables.

Once the spell becomes instinctive, the mage is more likely to always be surrounded by their element whenever engaged in heavy magical practicing. Fog might appear around the feet of the caster, and the air will be definitively colder. One interesting effect is that the nearby air frequently becomes windy as a result of this, noticeable in a billowing of the caster’s hair or clothes. As if to confirm elven beliefs that Water comes from Wind, the fact is that, when the property of Change is active, air will be naturally inclined to begin shifting and moving. Just as a raging sea is always accompanied by a fierce wind, when Wind is in Motion, Water is inclined to wave, and when Water is encouraging Change, Wind often moves. Return to the top

Casting Procedure. The mage focuses on the Water ounía within a specific target. This target can either be himself, a nearby person or object, or a small area. Once the caster has the specified target, they must use Sphere I to begin to concentrate on a global increase in the intensity of the Water ounía. No specific single properties are targeted; it is a basic strengthening of every Water property in general and nothing more or less.

Focus must be maintained to keep the spell going, but the effort is so small that, once the mage raises levels and becomes proficient enough, it can become instinctive and be cast at the back of their mind without any conscious effort, allowing the mage to concentrate on other spells. Return to the top

Magical Formula. Not defined yet. Return to the top

Focus/Target. At level 1, only the caster or a small touched object can be affected, but by level 3, most objects or persons within a ped or two of the caster are potential targets, even without direct physical contact. Alternatively, the caster can choose to target an area (often localized around a specific individual or object). Return to the top

Reagents. The most important ‘reagent’, at least for initial casters with little experience, is nothing short of an area with natural inclinations towards the element of Water. This might be a beach, surrounded by the waves, or even something as simple as a cold night.

The intention of this spell is, in fact, to create a reagent in the environment or target, making it naturally more susceptible to Water spells. Therefore, physical reagents defeat the purpose. Return to the top

Spell Class. Sphere I, Transformation and Water Enchantment (Physical and Spiritual Representations of the Water School). Return to the top

Range. Touch is required at first level. The range increases to a ped or two by levels 2 or 3, and beyond that as the caster becomes more proficient. Return to the top

Casting Time. As long as a minute at first level, but shortened substantially as the mage becomes more practiced. Return to the top

Duration. As long as the mage concentrates. Due to how little concentration is needed, higher level magi can frequently keep this effect up indefinitely, though most only use it when they plan on casting a great many spells back to back. Return to the top

Counter Measures/Enhancing Measures. Naturally cold or wet areas will increase the ease and effectiveness of this spell, if not render it completely unnecessary to cast. Multiple Water magi can also achieve greater levels of effect.

Spells that accomplish the same effects but for their own element, such as Flame Control for Fire, compete with First Pulse and can make it harder or impossible to cast. Whoever has the strongest force of will will take control of the environment. Return to the top

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