The Web is one of the greatest treasures the Weavers (a secret organization of magic users who are capable of weaving strands of raw magic) possess. At one time it was a stronghold of Weaver cities, and the mass of their unknown power.

General Description. A mass of Threads, the magical realm of a living being, Avá's most fantastic dream? - It is hard to tell with absolute certainty what the Web truly represents. Though the Web certainly consist of the Essence, or in Weaver terms, Threads.

The only real inhabitants the place has, that are known, are the so-called spyders. Spyders are magical creatures who - though they have no physical form nor have been proven totally sentient - can journey out of the Web, possess people, and collect knowledge from them. They became very aggressive when the Old Weavers brought physical form to their home and started killing Weavers whenever they could. Weavers have developed their defenses, and even though he influx of spyders has lessened, they are still a threat. Some believe other beings live there too, but proof has yet to be found.

Of course some think that the Old Weavers still inhabit the Web, and have made it their permanent home. Others have waved this off as superstition, though where the Old Weavers disappeared to is still unknown.

Though they don't inhabit it,
Weavers still use the Web as a form of travel, and may sometimes take shelter in the Web if danger is imminent in Caelereth. It is handy, and a few small groups of Weavers have managed to set up small "roadhouses" in the Web were Weavers can stop and relax, but these locations are nothing compared to the supposed splendor of Old Weaver cities.

The climate in the Web is unchanging. When totally in it, there is usually about a ped-high semi-thick fog made up of shifting and swirling colors. It is filled with a strange orange light, which gives an orange tint to everything.

Notable Locations within the Web:

Location/Discovery. According to Weaver records the Web was discovered some years before the War of the Chosen. According to myth, it was opened to them by the same force which had first called Weavers together. Some believe this to be the "mind" of the Web, letting its power flow out to Weavers and chosing them to be the first physical beings to inhabit it, and watch over it.

Mythology. As mentioned above, some
Weavers used to believe that the Web was alive and concious. It was what called them together, gave them power, and showed itself to them. They were the warriors, gatekeepers, and tenders of the Web. Now such myths of the Web being alive and able to think are usually discarded. The Web is now explained as a manifestation of a large amount of the Essence, or raw magic, as they call it at Ximax. This manifestation is also known to the Weavers as the Threads, which is also what they weave.

Another myth of the Web is the belief of Web creatures. The Spyders were the only life found in the Web, and their sentience has yet to be totally measured. It is known, though, that they have no real physical form. Still, some think that more powerful, and maybe even intelligent, creatures lurk in the unexplored depths of the Web.

The only other myth which deals with the Web is the myth of Delonaire and the other cities of the Old Weavers. Though many accept this as more of a fact and reality than fiction and myth.

Time Table of the Web



9015 b.S. Discovery of the Web
From recovered texts of the Old Weavers it was the opinion of most that the accumulated magic energy was due to residual energy from the Battle of the Winds and the War of the Chosen in general.
9000 b.S. Stabilization of the Web
The War of the Chosen ends, and the Old Weavers note that the Web has settled a bit. Where it had once been always shifting and very dangerous, it now became stable.
8963 b.S. Discovery of the first Spyders
Spyders are first discovered in the Web. They pour into Caelereth unhindered, possessing people and taking information without anyone knowing. The Masters declare the beginning of the Hunt.
8906 b.S. End of the Spyder Hunt
The Hunt ends. Though spyders continue to slip into Caelereth in lesser numbers, they only possess Weavers. The Masters declare these spyders to be extremely hostile.
8852 b.S. Founding of first Web Settlement
The first settlement, a small grouping of houses inside a crude wall, all constructed of magic, is founded. It is called Kavash, and becomes home to the most famous Web researchers.
8719 b.S. Completion of Delionaire
Construction of Delonaire, the now mythical Lost City, is finished. This is the first major city made in the Web. There have been great advancements and the Web manipulation technique is spread among many of the Old Weavers.
6249 b.S. Completion of the Empire of Kavash
The Masters declare that the Weaver Empire of Kavash, the name taken from the first Web settlement, is finally complete. With 126 cities, all created by magic, it covers a large portion of the Web, though it is still unknown how big the Web is.
806 b.S. Old Weavers withdraw from Caelereth
After news of the Battle of Annihilation reaches the Masters they decide to withdraw from Caelereth. They are worried that war will pursue and their secret will come out once again.
805 b.S. Sealing of the Delionaire Gateway
The last of the Old Weavers leave Caelereth for the Kavash Empire. At Delonaire the Gateway to the Empire is sealed and Delonaire itself hidden by powerful magic.
50 b.S. The New Weavers
The Third Sarvonian War has passed, and the Web, seemingly knowing this, reaches out once more. Weavers reappear at the long abandoned Temple of Weaving and they begin teaching from what they found there. New Masters are chosen, and many believe that the Old Weavers may have had a part in this.

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