The spell Nightshade Cloud, also called "Air of Queprur", produces a deadly cloud of noxious air that incapacitates all those who breath in its fumes. The spell requires the use of a reagent: a finely ground root powder of the poisonous nightshade plant. When blown into the air, and by manipulating the wind around the powder, it is possible for the caster to create a cloud of noxious air that can be moved at will.

Spell Effect. The Nightshade Cloud spell is actually an application of existing spell theories as opposed to a unique spell in and of itself. The spell is similar to the Shape Smoke spell in that the caster manipulates the Wind ounia and property of motion to shape and move air. By itself, manipulating the air is nothing new to a capable caster. The introduction of a reagent is what makes this spell unique.

The derivatives of the Nightshade bush, also called the "Hotvale" or "Cor's Bouquet", is highly poisonous to living beings. Any victim who ingests or inhales large amounts of Nightshade suffers various maladies such as excitement and delirium, blindness, facial flushing, leading to heart palpitations and stupor, giving way to death within minutes to days. The caster can use various amounts of powder depending on the effect the caster wishes upon his victims. A small amount of powder in a large cloud, perhaps two to three peds wide, produces only minor physical and mental affects such as excitability or profuse sweating. Smaller clouds of a ped or less with a pinch of powder produces stronger physical effects in the victim such as stupor, blindness or even death.

The nightshade bush is found in many areas of southern Santharia and thus is readily available. It requires a skilled caster to handle the powder as even amounts that inadvertently touch he skin can be poisonous. This particular spell application is obviously not encouraged to be utilized as it poses a threat to any potential victims as well as the caster. Return to the top

Casting Procedure. The spell uses Sphere II and the wind property of motion upon the air into which the powder is released. The spell first requires the powder reagent. Also, the caster must use caution as to not touch the actual powder with his hands. Usually, the powder is poured directly from a vial or small bag into the air.

Once the powder is released into the air, the caster calls upon the motion property of wind and gathers the falling dust into a cloud. Much like the spell Shape Smoke, this spell essentially creates a smoky, noxious cloud that poisons any who breath it in.

The poison cloud can be moved in any direction or expanded or reduced into as large or as small an area as the caster requires. This is done by gathering larger or smaller ranges of ounia within and around the powder. A large noxious cloud is capable of incapacitating large groups of living beings while a small cloud with greater concentrations of powder can kill a single victim quickly. The caster must be aware of the air movement around himself so as to not have the powder inadvertently blow on himself from a gust of errant wind. In some cases, the caster must direct any wind to be blown away from himself before creating the cloud. Return to the top

Magical Formula. Not yet defined. Return to the top

Focus/Target. The focus of the spell is the area of air into which the powder is released. The target of the spell would be any living being(s) who would breath the noxious cloud and thus become incapacitated, or even killed, should the powder in the air be of sufficient concentrations. Return to the top

Reagents. The ground up root, or leaves, of the nightshade plant. The powder must be kept in a bar or vial and to touch the powder with bare skin is discouraged. Usually a small amount of powder is all that is required for this spell to be effective. Return to the top

Spell Class. Sphere II, the Wind property of Motion. Return to the top

Range. The caster must be within sight of the falling reagent before making the cloud. Return to the top

Casting Time. The casting time can be done within a few blinks. This is obviously not a spell to be rushed, but a skilled mage can quickly create a cloud of air to carry the powder aloft. Return to the top

Duration. Ordinarily, the cloud can remain aloft for as long as the caster can keep the air moving around it. Once the caster drops his concentration, or releases the hold upon the surrounding wind ounia, the powder falls to the ground. Return to the top

Counter Measures/Enhancing Measures. The cloud can be countered by another caster also manipulating the air around the powder. The cloud can be moved another direction or simply dissipated altogether allowing the powder to harmlessly fall to the ground. Any number of physical barriers can effectively block the cloud from moving as well. Return to the top

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