The spell Shape Smoke is a level IV wind spell for which most low level Wind magi are capable. By manipulating a cloud of smoke, the caster can move or shape it in any simple form desired. It can be used to get rid of smoke in unwanted areas, or simply to entertain someone.

The Shape Smoke spell
View picture in full size Image description. An absent-minded wind mage using the Shape Smoke spell to create a bird from the smoke of his pipe. Image drawn by Faugar.

Spell Effect. The spell uses Sphere II and the Wind property of motion to move the wind ounia in the smoke to move or shape it to any simple form or location. Many magi enjoy using this spell to create little figures with smoke for their pipe. Others may use this spell to create obscure apparitions and illusions to entertain other. More skilled magi can make more detailed figures, and can fool and disorient others by surrounding them with them. If one were to make smoke rise from an area or a building, they could trick others into thinking that a fire was alight. One could also use smoke for cover to escape a sticky situation if they so desired. These are just a few uses for this spell, and those with creativity can explore more uses.

This spell is also similar to the spell Nightshade Cloud. It can be used to hide within, or to render an opponent a victim to a coughing fit.
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Casting Procedure. The caster must focus on the cár'áll of the smoke. Then, by using Sphere II, they can shape the
wind ounia to the desired form. This is accomplished by concentrating on condensing the ounia in the smoke along a path of the desired shape and activating the wind property of Motion. This causes the smoke to move along the path of the desired shape, forming whatever the caster desires. It can help to picture a sort of funnel that one is sending the smoke through. Return to the top

Magical Formula. The magical formulas used to cast this spell somehow vary, depending on the purpose you want to use the spell. (More details are still to be added.)
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Target. The
wind ounia of the smoke. Return to the top

Reagents. Reagents are not required. Some mages have found that a handful of ashes helps them to concentrate, but this is only used when a mage is first learning the spell.
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Magical School. Wind School, Sphere II, the
wind property of Motion. Return to the top

Range. The smoke need only be in the caster's line of sight.
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Casting Time. For novice and low-level magi, the casting time can take up to ten blinks. For those of mid to high levels, it can be accomplished in three to five blinks. Return to the top

Duration. The spell will last as long as the mage keeps of their concentration. Once the concentration is broke, the smoke will partially remain in shape, but will dissipate with a small breeze..
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Counter Measures/Enhancing Measures. The smoke can be countered by another caster also manipulating the air around the smoke. The smoke can be moved in another direction or simply dissipated altogether allowing the smoke to harmlessly resume its normal shape. Any number of physical barriers can effectively block the smoke from moving as well. Return to the top

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