Thievish Winds is one of the best choices in terms of offensive spells on sentient beings. With this spell the mage berefts his foe of his or her five senses, thus the attacked person loses contact with the world. The spell was named "Thievish Winds" as it addresses the mind, which connects the five senses. Thievish Winds therefore can be used as a powerful weapon against by far more superior opponents leading to devastating consequences in the foe's mind.

The spell theoretically can be applied as a medicine as well for stress as it can have meditative effects once the target is prepared for it, though in general this usage is not very recommendable, especially not over long periods of time. For that purpose other spells prove much more efficient.

Spell Effect. In order to understand how Thievish Winds works we need to first shed light on the relation between the senses and the mind: The five senses - eyes, nose, skin, tongue and ears - “speak” with the mind as the scholars put it, as we receive the world through a combined effort of senses and mind. Thes impressions the senses collect are arranged by the mind so that the world appears to us in an the ordered fashion as we know it. The mind in response takes actions, for example - after having learned through the senses that standing too close to a campfire isn't particularly healthy - the mind will cause a person to back away. The olfactory and gustatory senses seem to be connected in an unknown way. We know this for example because one cannot taste things if one closes the nose. This weird relation is reported only in humanoids, and in Ximax cats and rats, aside from this species we don’t know if this relation is limited to the most intelligent species or if this extends to other beasts as well.

According to Ximaxian theory a person's mind cár'áll is composed of wind in its majority, so a proficient wind mage can influence a person by focusing on the mind. Without it the senses alone won't help a person to understand the surroundings. When the spell Thievish Winds is cast, the wind mage bends the mind and makes it insusceptible to the senses, feigning that the body has no eyes, nose, ears or skin. If this spell is cast regularly or over a long period of time, the real loss of senses can come, because an already instable mind of the targeted person might not recover anymore from the nothingness it then feels. (Please note as well that this spell must be removed slowly (if cast to enhance meditative purposes), if not, the subject under the effect of this spell might suffer a shock for the big amount of information reaching his or her mind, thus this must be handled with care. Of course if used in an offensive context, this might just be what the caster's intentions are in the first place.)

A caster with decent spellcasting abilities can choose the degree of loss he wants to exert, but only from level 5 and higher he can also choose to temporarily "steal" more than one sense at the same time. What kind of illusion the caster wants to focus on is for him or her to decide, but the effects can range from darkness for the targeted person's mind, to silence, odourlessness, tastelessness until numbness - or a combination of both. Whatever seems appropriate for the caster can be accomplished with Thievish Winds, providing the mage has already reached the necessary spell level.

We can conclude that this spell successfully breaks the connections between senses and mind. The spell however does not disconnect the mind from all other bodily functions. The targeted person can still blink and babble for example or even move, but will stumble only with great difficulty due to the loss of sight for example. Return to the top

Casting Procedure. The casting procedure of this spell is divided in five steps, one step for each sense the mage will “steal”. If the mage is going to “steal” all the senses, it is recommended to do so in the following order. Stealing all senses has proven to be the easiest and fastest way in that constellation, probably because certain senses dominate over others regarding their importance to a person:

Once every step is ended, the foe will lose that sense, making it more vulnerable to the rest of the spell, since his mind will be occupied in the panic of losing senses. Return to the top

Magical Formula. Still to be decided. Return to the top

Focus/Target. Focus of the spell is the foe’s mind. The heaviest armour cannot protect the strongest warrior from the effects of a devastating mind spell like Thievish Winds. Return to the top

Reagents. It is recommended that the caster holds a bit of dust in his hand while casting, serving as representation of the senses that are lost in the wind. Return to the top

Spell Class.
Elemental Magic, Wind School. Spiritual representation of Sphere I, Mirage. Return to the top

Range. Range is interpreted in two ways: For one the number of senses that can be taken has to be considered, and on the other hand the actual distance within which the mage can cast the spell is of relevance.

Level Range
Level 3 2 peds, a sense is numbed and the state is conserved
Level 4 3 peds (effect see Level 3)
Level 5 5 peds, one sense is lost, others are kept in numbness state, the mage can chose the degree of numbness, and which senses are lots or should be kept
Level 6 7 peds (effect see Level 5)
Level 7 9 peds, two senses are lost, others are kept in the state of numbness
Level Range
Level 8 12 peds, three senses are lost, others are kept in the state of numbness
Level 9 15 peds, four senses are lost
Level 10 18 peds, the targeted person loses all his/her senses
Level 11 23 peds, range of spell casting increases, casting time and duration decrease considerably
Level 12 27 peds (see Level 11) Return to the top

Casting Time. As range, the casting time depends on level; the best mage can disarm someone in few blinks using this spell.

Level Range
Level 3 4 minutes
Level 5 3 minutes
Level 7 2 minutes
Level Range
Level 9 1 minute
Level 11 half a minute
Level 12 a few blinks Return to the top

Duration. The duration depends on the caster, this spell as every spell of Sphere I depends on how long the caster can keep it, and that is directly related to the mage's focusing capabilities and the targeted person's resistance to the magical drain. The expected for each level is in this chart:

Level Range
Level 3 2 minutes
Level 5 4 minutes
Level 7 7 minutes
Level Range
Level 9 12 minutes
Level 11 18 minutes Return to the top

Counter Measures/Enhancing Measures. This spell depends on how long the caster can hold his or her focus on the person's mind, making it lose the focus will end the spell. This spell depends on the will on both sides; persons with a big willpower won’t be affected seriously or at all, while persons with a poor willpower will suffer more damage from this spell.

To enhance it, the caster can first injure the foe with other spells, making his mind receptive; then the caster will be able to easily cast this spell.  Return to the top

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