The Wind Exile spell was designed as a means to help spellcasters defend themselves. It conjures a simple, but strong gust of wind for blowing someone or something away, in case the mage feels attacked. It is known that in higher levels (11-12) the gust of wind can become even as powerful as a hurricane, but in the apprentice levels it is only powerful enough to push a person out of the way without causing any direct damage.

Spell Effect. It is very well known that mages aren’t particularly good fighters. Especially if you can get close enough to hinder them from performing what they are supposed to do in battle situations - casting spells at their foes. But someone adept in wind magic knows ways of getting rid of someone else that is meddling in his or her affairs, trying to engage the mage in close combat. That is, if the caster has enough time to counteract...

Wind Exile is excellent for everyone that needs to get rid of someone who stands too close for his own good near the mage, but it also can be used to blow things out of one's way if the situation requires it. Actually one could even dust off a whole library when using Wind Exile at a lower level - but you might risk suffocation from the dust flying around, so it's probably better not to attempt it. Some inventive students who thought this spell to be a good way to help cleaning their uncared for rooms, thought otherwise after trying.

The spell effect - throwing a target back - is accomplished by generating a strong gust of
wind, This gust of wind is made by influencing the wind ounía within a targeted area in front of the caster, applying a strengthening of the soór principle within a cár'áll. This way the re-aligned wind starts moving in a specific direction. So as a low level mage, one cannot strongly influence the wind ounía, however, in higher levels it is possible to achieve the generation of forces as in hurricane winds. Return to the top

Casting Procedure. First of all, a feather of any bird is needed, representing the entity of a flying creature, the embodiment of
wind. Then just focus on the air between you and the enemy or object and lastly say the formula. Return to the top

Magical Formula. Not defined yet. Return to the top

Focus/Target. The air between the spellcaster and the opponent or opponents is the focus of this spell. However, you can use Wind Exile in two different ways: directed or chaotic.

Reagents. A feather, an eagle will do the best results, and amplify its power, but any feather can. Return to the top

Magical School. Elemental Magic, Wind School. Return to the top

Spell Class. Wind magic sphere II: Motion.  Return to the top

The range of the Wind Exile spell has two variables: the first one is the distance between the mage and the focus, where wind is generated. The farer away, the lower the effect. The other is the level the spellcaster can master. In lower levels the mage cannot influence the wind ounía in a strong way yet, so the gust of wind possible to produce will be only be powerful enough to push a thing or a person aside, but in higher levels a proficient wind mage can achieve creating a hurricane that blows almost everything down (including the caster himself/herself, in case he/she isn't properly prepared). The range the spell reaches can be summarized in the following table:

Weight affects the distance that the object will fly as well, for example, an object of a pygge under the effect of a level 5 mage in a distance of one ped would fly approximately six and a half peds (8-1 of distance between caster and object, and 1/2 for the weight). Return to the top

Casting Time. Wind Exile can be cast almost instantaneous at lower levels, as it doesn't require much effort for a trained wind mage to manipulate his surroundings to form a gust of wind. Actually, that should be one of the easier exercises. So just a few blinks are necessary for focusing and the person trying to get closer to the caster will fling away as soon as the power is released. A hurricane-like wind will need its time to be created, though, up to half a minute. Return to the top

Duration. The Wind Exile spell generates a one-time effect, which will have no permanence whatsoever. Even at the topmost levels, this spell only results in a hurricane-like wind, which however lacks stability. Return to the top

Counter Measures/Enhancing Measures. If you are a wind mage what’s better than to counter Wind Exile with the same spell? This will dissolve the force of the wind thrown at the mage. A Wind Shield spell of course would also help. Not only does it make it difficult for attackers to hit, be it with a weapon or a spell, but it would also absorb the wind gust and serve as an enhancement of the spell.

Other than that, Wind Exile is almost unavoidable, as it can be cast pretty much instantly with little preparation. To make it more effective, one may use more than one feather as reagent, also the spell Conjure Wind cast in advance can help, improving the power manifold. Return to the top

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