The wounds of the body are easier to cure than the scars of the mind. Wind magi take advantage of this and created this spell to target the mind rather than the body of their victim. The spell's purpose is not to kill the target or even put the target under great pain. The purpose of the spell is to remove the Wind ounía in the cár'áll. The target will become like a mindless creature roaming the lands of Caelereth, driven by insanity and anger.

Magi who are jealous of another magi's success or discovery frequently use this spell, robbing their competition of their intelligence so they themselves could receive all the attention. This is the reason why Ximax forbids anyone who knows how to cast the spell to teach it. The heads of Ximax believe that the mind is a dangerous thing to lose.

Elves under the influence of the Brain Death spell
View picture in full size Image description. Elves under the influence of the Brain Death spell. Picture by Quellion.

Spell Effect. The spell uses Sphere III to remove the Wind ounía in the target's cár'áll and releases it into the environment. All the properties of the Wind such as, intelligence, calmness, wisdom, and clarity of the mind will also be removed from the target.

The target will feel a tremendous amout of pain during the casting of the spell or more precisely, during the removal of the Wind ounía in the target's cár'áll. The destruction of the Xeuá links binding the Wind ounia to the person's cár'áll often causes massive headaches and a feeling of great fatigue and heaviness.

After the spell has been cast, the target will feel yet another pain that may last for days. This new pain is caused by the target's cár'áll trying to fill the cavity that was left when the Wind ounía were removed. The cár'áll of the target will try to bring balance again to itself by realigning itself in a new pattern and attempting to bond with whatever sources of Wind ounia it can find to replace the loss.

Many die because of the pain, but those who are strong enough to endure it and survive the horror caused will often become as if they were the living dead, mindless and angry, all traces of their former life and sanity lost. Though some may eventually, after a period of many years, recover from this, many do not. Those who do not recover become wandering, brainless monsters, often put down for the safety of everyone around them. Return to the top

Casting Procedure. For such a high level spell, the casting procedure is quite simple. The mage must concentrate on the target's cár'áll first - physical contact though is often recommended for ease in focusing on every trace of Wind ounía in the target's cár'áll. The mage then uses Sphere III to remove the Wind ounía in the target's cár'áll, severing the links and dispersing it in the environment. Return to the top

Magical Formula. Not defined yet. Return to the top

Focus/Target. Anything may be the target of this spell, though it is most often used against other sentient persons. It can also be cast in groups depending on the skill of the caster. Return to the top

Reagents. Reagents tend not to be necessary for this spell, due to its direct reliance purely on the cár'áll of the target. Common Wind reagents, such as feathers, dust, and so on, may be helpful, however, to less skilled magi. Return to the top

Spell Class. Sphere III, Perception (Spiritual Representation of the Wind School). Return to the top

Range. A recommend range is within several peds of the target, physical touch may be necessary for less skilled magi. Return to the top

Casting Time. A casting time of around half a minute tends to be the average for less skilled magi, while those who are more skilled can often accomplish this within only a few blinks. Longer ranges or larger groups of targets, however, are more likely to require a longer casting time. The quantity of Wind ounia within a target cár'áll is also a variable. Return to the top

Duration. This spell tends to be permanent, but in some situations a target may eventually partially, or even completely, recover. Even then, however, such recovery could take years. Return to the top

Counter Measures/Enhancing Measures. The spell can be countered by using Xeuá to hold on to the Wind ounía, preventing it from being released in the environment.

If the spell did not completely remove the Wind ounía from the target, a Wind mage may strengthen the influence of the Wind ounía inside the cár'áll to strenghten the properties of the Wind, although the effect is only temporary. Highly skilled Wind magi may use Sphere III to attach new Wind ounia to the target cár'áll, but the target is unlikely to remember anything from their former 'life'.

No enhancement is known for the spell although the spell is already quite potent. Return to the top

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