Spell Effect. As told by teachers at the Magical Academy of Ximax to their students through their teachings, the spell Void Breath is a spell used by wind mages to deceive their opponent into believing that he/she is in more than one place at once, allowing him/her to confuse even the most skilled fighter in combat.

This spell is used mostly as a defensive spell when a mage is brought into a situation where melee combat in unavoidable, as it has been said by many skilled mages that the knowledge and mastery of this spell has meant the difference between life and death many times.

But as it is described in the teachings at the Academy, the spell Void Breath affects the sense of sight. The eyes believe that they see the caster in more than one place but they only see a glimpse of the caster as he moves about his/her opponent. At its lowest level the caster's movements are a blur to the naked eye making him/her hard to see and hit in combat.

As the levels of the spell increases so do its effect. In its mid levels a mage begins to produce a glimpse of himself/herself left behind as he/she circles the opponent making it seem that the caster is in more than one place at the same place but in truth he/she is only one of these glimpses. At its highest levels a mage can produce as many as five of these glimpses and is able to act from any of them as if he was blinking, as it has been described by many of its victims, in and out of sight. Return to the top

Casting Procedure. The casting of Void Breath takes a few moments as one needs to be relaxed. Often the aid of another person drawing off attack from the caster is needed or the beginning of casting is started when the attacker's actions are known and time is still on the caster's side.

To begin casting one should start breathing in and out deep slow breaths, relaxing his/her body for the stress the spell can cause if cast too hastily. For if done too hastily one may pull many muscles where otherwise if cast properly would never be strained. Once relaxed the caster brings his hands together to his chest slowly and with a fluid motion. Once both hands are in front of the chest and pressed together the caster should hold this position for a moment, the length of the time helps in this position depending on the level of the spell one is casting. As the caster pauses in this position he/she will slowly release portion of the own cár'áll around the area around.

As soon as the caster has held this position for a period of time equal to the level of the spell in which he/she is able or is wanting to cast then the caster should throw their hands down in a blur of motion. The spell level determines whether the casting procedure is complete at this moment. If cast at the lowest level (7) then it is finished already as the caster can now move with movements blurred. If a caster is able to cast this spell at any further level and chooses to do so then he/she has to continue the casting slightly. The caster can begin to circle an opponent while speaking the styrásh formula when needed to maintain the spell. It is said during these castings that the words of the caster often seem like the beat of a drum.  Return to the top

Magical Formula. Styrán'yó (Styrásh "
styrán'yó"), literally meaning "To be many!" Return to the top

Target. The target of Void Breath is the caster himself/herself. No other living or non-living target may be selected as the target of this spell. Return to the top

Reagents. [...] Return to the top

Magical School.
Elemental Magic, Wind School. Return to the top

Spell Class. Illusion. Return to the top

Range. The range of the spell depends on both the desired effect and the level of the caster.

Casting Time. The time it takes to cast the spell properly all depends on the intensity of the casting and the possibilites of the caster to attain this level.

Duration. The duration of the spell is constant as long as the caster remains in the range of the level of the spell cast. Also if the caster has lost his/her concentration then the spell will cease to continue as any mage needs concentration in order to keep a spell working. Return to the top

Counter Measures/Enhancing Measures. It has been recorded in journals of great fighters who fought wizards that they often brought wizards into their own battle grounds where they set up noise makers that could be triggered by the movement of an invisible being as they were only invisible and still held mass. Thus when they trigger the noise makers a fighter cam tell where they are.

Also it has been recorded in the books at Ximax "The Weaknesses of Magic" (by Oiman the Blue), where a simple rain storm may help in determining where the caster is. When the caster is moving through the water he/she will leave his/her footprints in the water or mud. This allows the opponent to detect where the caster can be found. Return to the top

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