Spell Effect. To the common non-magician man the effect of this spell is simple: it makes an orm larger, and enables the caster the ability to control it.

But that’s just a raw description, in fact the spell is quite complicated and requires an experienced mage to be cast correctly. Firstly, the spell makes the orm grow to the sufficient body size (up to 3 peds in length). The orm then acquires a bit intelligence, at least enough to make it survive its new life for a certain amount of time, as the new environment has no hive and usually no other orms either. (To let out the adding intelligence part would have the same effect as stepping on it before casting. It won’t survive long.) Then the spell twists into a weak sort of dominate spell, strong enough that its loyalty will remain to the caster and his/her tasks, but weak enough that it got a will on his own (considering that this is an orm after all, that’s not much of a mind…). The last part of the spell is giving it an order. The list of orders isn’t very long, but it suffices for general use. Also note that on most orders, the orm will forget to acquire nourishment, and won’t last for long, however, groups of orms grown and given a command together will work as a pack. A pack like this usually numbers five orms, and are harder to control.

A short list of possible orders:

To give a new order to an orms, simply cast a stronger dominate spell than the last, or an new growth spell only with no real growing, only a more powerful controlling part to overrule the last one. Note that this spell will NOT work on anything else than orms. Return to the top

Casting Procedure. The caster must focus on the orm, and concentrates on making it grow, usually holding a fresh twig. When it is large enough, the growing stops, and a very light intelligence addition is made. The caster gains control over the orm(s) as the dominate part enters the effect. The order is given, and the orm(s) rush to their task. The twig then usually looks dry and dead, ready for firewood.  Return to the top

Magical Formula.
Still to be added. Return to the top

Target. The spells main target are the orm(s), which are going to be transformed by the spell of course. Return to the top

Reagents. The reagents of this spell are nothing expensive: a handful of grass, a fresh twig or some other newly picked plants. They have a nasty tendency to wither and die during the casting process. Return to the top

Magical School. Xeuá Magic. Return to the top

Spell Class. Mentalism. Return to the top

Range. You need to touch the orm(s) to cast this spell successfully, or to overrule an existing order. Return to the top

Casting Time. The casting time depends on both strength and size of the caster and the orm. The common size of the enlarged orm is 1.5–3 peds, and for a level six to reach about 1.5 peds it will take about 40 secs. For each level gained, it will take 7.5 secs shorter time to cast, but for each ped beyond the first takes 30 additional seconds. For a level 6 to reach one ped it takes 25 secs. Remove 2.5 secs per level. (Note: the body-structure of an orm won’t support an orm larger than 5 peds.)

To cast on a group, add approx. 1 min only for numbers up to 5 orms. More than that, add 1 min for each orm. Return to the top

Duration. The spell will last till it is overruled, dispelled or the orm dies or is killed. The orm won't survive for more than a few days (usually only a few hours), so the length of the spell isn’t really tested. Return to the top

Counter Measures/Enhancing Measures. There are two magical solutions to counter an Orm Growth spell: a powerful dispel or dominate/overrule it yourself. Note that the dispel/dominate spell must be more powerful than the current controller, and that he will notice your efforts when you are successful.

To those without magical capabilities: Try to run behind the orm, and smack it with something blunt and heavy, or destroy the
ormennas, which they use for communicating and sensing.

To make attacking orms your friends: Toss some fireballs or lightnings to divert your opponent’s attention, and place a strong, trapped dominate-spell on it. Return to the top

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