The kingdom of Santharia has eight provinces. The currently cartographed provinces can be found below for fast reference (sorted alphabetically). To view a detailed map, just click on the image of the map and it will open in a new window.

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The province of Manthria is a region in mid-Santharia, which is dominated by Avennorian people, with Sophronian and Erpheronian influences and a good deal of mingling with immigrants hailing from the continent of Aeruillin. As the Avennorians are the most important seafaring Santharian tribe, you find many key harbours in this region, from which trade connections to nearly all known parts of the world are establihed. Among these cities are Lorehaven, Ravenport, Klinsor or "Port Cael", Ciosa. Marcogg, the Manthrian capital, is further inland and is located at the Mashdai River, thus still having a connection to the sea. Other geographical highlights worth mentioning are the Mithral Mountains, harbouring the Mitharim dwarves, the vast Auturian Woods, home of the Tethinrhim elves, and the gigantic mountain known as Griffin's Marl in the south of the region.

Manthria, like all other Santharian provinces, is further divided into duchies and fiefs. This province consists of seven duchies, which are (from north to south): Huiscen, Marcogg, Margulf, the Auturian Sty'cal (the elven lands), Twynor, Tolonia and finally Caeytharia. Return to the top

View the Map of the Province of Manthria

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Vardınn is one of the eight provinces of the United Santharian Kingdom, located in Southern Sarvonia. After Nermeran it marks the second northernmost province, comprising an enormous territory, adjacent to the Dark Sea in the west and the Ancythrian inland sea to the east. Prominent landmarks are the Hèckra volcano at the heart of the province, the Peninsula of Paragonj, the Island of Churican with its vast rolling hills, the Isle of Saenyhal, furthermore the wide heaths and fields on the mainland (the Heath of Jernais and the Aurora Fields) and a plethora of beautiful lakes (Aerelian Lakes).

Vardınn with its ancient metropolis Voldar is home of the Erpheronians, a powerful and proud, yet war-hungry human tribe, responsible for major historical developments on the southern Sarvonian continent and driving force behind Santharia's colonization efforts. Other human tribes present in the region are Centoraurians in the west and Caltharians to the east, and of course the Helcrani with their own metropolis Milkengrad on Efirhal Island.  Located in Vardınn's territory also lies the by far most largest and most mystical of all elven forests, the Thaelon, said to be the home of light elves that are invisible to the regular mortal's eyes, others say that this magical forest contains even portals that represent links to other worlds... The other elven tribe found in Vardınn are the Aellenrhim, at home in the Bolder ("Forest of Knowledge") to the northwest, and while the Goltherrhim elves of the Goltherlon are extinct, Golgnomes have made their home in this forest due to the proximity to the Hèckra volcano, which serves their alchemical purposes nicely. The High Fores mountain range also harbours the dwarven Thrumgolz clan ("Pickhands"). Return to the top

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