Currently there exist the following maps showing the northern part of the continent of Sarvonia (sorted alphabetically):

View the Map of the Remusian Territory

View picture in full size Map of the current Remusian Territory.

Remusia is found at the extreme northeast corner of the Sarvonian continent. The Remusian territory covers the area from the Heaths of Wilderon to the Wastes of Despair in a East to West direction, while North to South it goes from the Bay of Calinth to the Gathorn Mountains. Therefore, most of the country lies in the Icelands Coast Region and as such suffers from the extreme weather there. Across the channel to the northeast is the territory of Kordos, taken from the Tokarians, and now a province of Remusia. When Kordos was taken over, the Remusians also took over everything that belonged to the Tokarians. The large tracts of plains in Remusia are known as the Frozen Wastes.

Additional note: You can view the development of Remusian territories over the years in detail by downloading this PDF-file (map by Talia Sturmwind).
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View the Map of the Lands of the Kuglimz

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The Kuglimz (lit. "Tribes") are a group of tribes that identify with each other due to historical and genealogical ties. Their heritage is a proud one, though not one that they know or associate with themselves, except in some distorted forms in their religion and myths. During the Great Sundering that occurred after the fall of Fá'áv'cál'âr the human armies split up and went their separate ways. The lands of the Kuglimz stretch from the Dark Sea in the west and follows along the Luquador River to the borders of the Injerín elves in the Shaded Forest. It is roughly 900 strals in length. The furthest south the tribes range is the northern bank of the outlet of the Luquador River into the Sea of Darkness. Their lands in the East end at the Mountains of Oro and the Liben River, where the orcish kingdoms are. There are two separate modes of life that the Kuglimz follow, either centralized around forts and towns, or nomadic: The centralized Kuglimz, known as Kuglimz'torik ("House Tribes") tend to live more in and around the hills of the Celeste Lowlands. The nomadic tribes, Kuglimz'ura ("Plain Tribes") follow their herds of wild horses, ulgaroths and sheep. Return to the top

View the Map of the Icelands Coast

View picture in full size Map of the Icelands Coast.

The Icelands Coast is located in the far northeast of the Sarvonian continent, north of the Kanapan lands and just east of the Peninsular of Iol. The Icelands Coast is home to the Ice Tribes, a collection of twelve human tribes living a hard life in the north western edge of Sarvonia. Their territory stretches around the bay of Calinth, the peninsula of Iol and the Icelands Coast. The Gathorn Mountains and the Wastes of Despair are the landmarks that determine their only land boundary to the south. The rest of their territory is doused by the Ice Sea. The most prominent tribes are the Remusians, the Sarmanians, the Tokarians and of course the Himiko, living on the islands far off the coast in the east, the main settlements representing Remusiat, Hargarth and Saeroth, all located in the south. The Ice Tribes usually lead a nomadic life and live in a state of constant warfare. They have not developed a sense of solidarity for each other, although theys have a vestigial sense of their “national” identity. The natural boundaries that separated the tribes have left the field open for many local variations in their ethics and way of life. The climate in the Icelands is cold and harsh. Snow covers the land most of the year, which is why a nomadic life following animal herds is absolutely necessary in these parts of the world. Return to the top

View the Map of the Kanapan Lands

View picture in full size Map of the Kanapan Lands.

The Kanapan Peninsula is named for the people who have lived there for thousands of years, the Kanapans. It is located in Northern Sarvonia, in the northeast of the landmass of the continent and enjoys a relatively warm climate for the area. This area is also home to the densest population of humans in all of Northern Sarvonia.
The peninsula drastically changed during the time known as the Year of Darkness. Land sunk into the ocean and mountains were created. Much of the peninsula is surrounded by cliffs, and mountains due to fault lines and violent earthquake activity during that time. The Kanapan people are likely to be one of the most religious ones in the known world. Their devotion to Lorfurno and their priesthood knows no bounds. The people are set apart by a caste system which is based upon skin coloration. In truth the darker that one is the higher caste that person is. There are six distinct tribes. In fact religious law demands that there always be six tribes as that is the number favored by Lorfurno, the Kanapan Bull-God. Return to the top

View the Map of the Peninsula of Caaelheroth

View picture in full size Map of the Peninsula of Caael'heroth.

The lands of Caaehl'heroth remain largely uninhabited, but intrepid explorers such as the Injerín elf Saryas Kelweather have provided many new insights into the isolated tribes that live in the peninsula. Notably, the half-orcs known as the Kaaer'dar'shin thrive in the southern regions of the peninsula making home in the Themed'lon forests. The Caaehl Mountains to the far north of the Caaehl'heroth is home to the Osther-Oc orcs and the Marghoghut night troll clans. The legendary Deep Winds Portal lies to the northwest of the Cartashian Woods and has a long dark history of evil where it is said that the re-incarnated Coór'Melór and his netherworldy minions were summoned to begin the infamous Third Sarvonian War. Lastly, the Aden peninsula lies to the southwest of the Deep Winds Portal and is home to ancestor Erpheronian clans who migrated from the mainland Santharia long ago. Return to the top

View the Map of the Peninsula of Iol

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The icy peninsula of Iol is a harsh land of frozen lakes, streams and coves where only the most resilient of settlers live. The human Ice Tribes consisting of the Remusians, the Sarmanians, the Tokarians and the Himiko have made many small settlements that dot the landscape. Each Ice Tribe has staked out a territory on the peninsula without a clearly defined single leader or unifying government over all of them. The far northern tip of Iol is located one of the most fascinating regions in all the North: the Contamar Forest, home of the reclusive Evathonrhim elf tribe. These elves live high in the frozen trees far from human intrusion. It is said that the forest was frozen as punishment from the gods when an arrogant elven mage tried to freeze the waters of the Ice Seas to expand his domain. Iol is an unforgiving land, but the humans and elves who live there have learned to thrive admirably.
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