This village of Aesthran (meaning lit. in the ancient Glandorian tongue "Riverbank Settlement") lies in the western rainshadow of the Mithral Mountains. It has managed to establish itself as not only a fishing community by netting the mithanjor minnow's irregular spawning runs on the Olantani and the Nekoma, but represents a regular stop for travelers going to, or returning from the Crazy Woman Pass through the Mithral Mountains. The dainty fish bulge the fine-meshed nets almost to breaking several times a year; some are sold or devoured fresh immediately but the bulk are dried or smoked for transport elsewhere. The once small hamlet has grown to a healthy population of roughly 300 to 400 permanent residents who offer the frequent travelers passing through en route to the Mithral Mountains, comfortable lodgings at their own inn known as "The Mithral Minnow".