Located in the mid to lower regions of the Southern Sarvonian Continent the Auturian Woods are home to the Tethinrhim elves. The Woods lie west of the human city of Marcogg, east of the Gulf of Maraya.

A thick and very green forest almost mystical in its appearance. Urban trees are located throughout the woods in patches indicating that there is (or was) a small pack of Tethinrhim elves there.

Almost in the centre of the Auturian Woods is its capital called the Ria, which is also the name of their Sovereignís living quarters. Strategically located about the outskirts of the woods are small settlements, which are bases to keep an eye on who and what enters and who or what leaves the Woods. The Ria is the most populated and guarded place within the entire woods. Housing the Sovereign and his or her family, along with the Tethinrhim's place of Government.

The middle level of the forest is a mixture of growing trees and tree trunks, and vines reaching towards the ground level. The vines are also wrapped about some of the tree trunks and are almost covering some of the trunks totally. The top level is like the bottom level "teaming" with life, protecting the elves that live in the canopy level. The trees are producing a lot of leafy coverage in order to effectively hide the communities in the trees.

One could easily become lost within the Auturian Woods with its magical beauty and green charm. The Woods are full of a natural beauty that only AvŠ Herself could have created as the Tethinrhim say.

There are no visible walking tracks imprinted on the ground as the Tethinrhim make their way about in the treetops or take varying routes to their destinations. The ground varies from grassy patched to soil exposed areas. The foliage along the lower levels of the Woods is in clumps about the base of the various trees, generally having at least three different types of eatable food in each plant.