Few folk with other options would choose to live and practise their trade in Barekmahr, the "arse'ole of Manthria". This crude nickname is unfortunately only too appropriate; at the outlet of the Mashdai River, Barekmahr has the unpleasant duty of processing all of Marcogg's wastes. The massive amount of refuse that a city produces each day - the slops of the gutter, the wilted beyond-recognition produce that not even a beggar could stomach, the assorted trash - not to mention whatever filth makes it through the Marcoggian sewers and past the natural filtration of the yealm reeds along the Mashdai... it all flows down to Barekmahr. Quite literally, too; four huge trashbarges ply back and forth each dusk and dawn, doing their work through the night. Some trash is buried, enriching the otherwise dank soil of the cape - some goes out with the tide to the generous bosom of Baveras - much is burned, rising in a greasily-redolent smoke to the sky. It is little wonder that Barekmahr has no closer neighbors than Parthanul... and that city thanks Grothar daily for the steady north-east winds!