The Broken Dream Gap is the wide, low altitude pass which runs form east to west between Mount Wraelen and the Three Maids in the Santharian province of Manthria. It is is a fairly even forty peds wide the whole way along its twenty strals of length. Outside of the wide, paved strip on the northern, uphill side it is mostly bare rock and muddy soil, with little in the way of vegetation. Its northern side is a cliff where the feet of Mount Wraelen abruptly break off into a sheer-sided drop of ten peds. It is this surprisingly smooth drop, along with a few of the other features of this gap and the Maids to the south. Concerning the latter Compendium researchers theorise that they led to the myth of the creation of the Broken Dream Gap, called the Tale of Three Maids. This fable says that the name ‘Broken Dream Gap’ comes from long ago when the Three Maids Mountains were all in love with Mount Wraelen but he sent them away to the South, thus shattering their hopes and breaking their dreams. The legend tells that the Gap was gouged from the earth as the result of this movement of the three mountains.