Ciosa or "Port Cael" as the poets often use to refer to the city, is a harbour of about 15.000 inhabitants with a history dating back nearly a dozen millenia. It can be found at the southeastern tip of the Santharian province of Manthria reaching far into the Adanian Sea and was named after the famous leader of an exploring Avennorian expedition, who stranded here and eventually founded a settlement. Later the Avennorians built a large exploring fleet, which was stationed mainly in Ciosa. From there adventurers set out to discover mainly the eastern and southern parts of the world, reaching until Aeruillin and making a fortune in trading with such distant regions.

Much later, after the unification of the kingdoms south of the Tandala forming Santharia, Ciosa also became a center for all people interested in astronomy and astrology. The so-called Starcharts Astrendum under the guidance of the elf Mowi Farseer developed more and more to the key location for all people interested in observaing the stars and discussing their movements and purposes in relation to the destiny of Caelereth.