Ciosa's Rest is an enormous stone covered area to the south of the Caeythrian Mountains at the east coast of the Manthrian province in central Santharia. The region was named after Troi Ciosa, one of the famous Glandorian captains, who led his people from the north until Gebl's Nose Cape. There you can find today the port called "Ciosa", one of the first settlements of the tribe we know today as the Avennorians. Ciosa was interred at the foot of Mount Evermourn in a proud, but scarely ornamented stone mausoleum, far away actually from the town which bears his name. However, his resting place in this practically deserted area also stands for Ciosa's strong will and determination to master the odds and venture forth into inhospitable no-man's-land, which led the former Glandorians to a new home and undescribable wealth. At Ciosa's side a series of barrows was erected in the course of time, harbouring the remains of his successors and the most wealthy or famous Avennorians, who earned great merits for their people.