There are many waterfalls spread throughout Caelereth. Many are larger and most are more spectacular but Cloud Falls is one of the unique waterfalls. The source of Cloud Falls begins to the south of Cloudtop Peak of the Mithral Mountains at the eastern Santharian coast, but Cloudtop Peak and Cloud Falls have nothing in common except their names. Poets say that this is the place where Baveras or Seyella come to shed their tears.

Cloud Falls starts as a cold mountain stream originating high in the Mithral Mountains. It winds its way down out of the mountains along the southern foot of Cloudtop Peak adding little rivulets as it flows along. It does not gain vast amounts of water along the way and stays a modest river until it reaches Cloud Ridge. Cloud Ridge protrudes out at the side of the mountains forming a kind of shelf several hundred peds long. It is white granite with several gray streaks through out giving an appearance of a white cloud among the grayer background. In the middle of this ridge is Cloud Falls, tumbling over the edge down its face into the depths below. The water of these falls is diffused at the top over an area of about 30 peds before dropping over the edge of the ridge. This gives the appearance that Cloud Ridge is shedding tears of rain. About two hundred peds down the side of the ridge is a massive out cropping of granite that the free falling water strikes bouncing into the air forming a cloud of white mist before continuing its trek to the pool below. The pool itself is rather small in size, circular in shape with the small Cloud River flowing out of the southeast corner. Cloud River meanders southward for about two stral before joining with the Raven River. Cloud Falls drops in to a narrow gulch with several large foothills along the eastern side. When seen from the Mithral Route the falls give the appearance of cascading down from one cloud to another. This is because these foothills block the view of the outcropping so only the mist formed by the bouncing water is seen. It is believed this is the main reason the falls have acquired the name Cloud Falls.