This is the only known pass through the southern Mithral Mountains. A high alpine pass that is often closed due to heavy snows in the winter. It is part to the Mithral route traders have used for centuries. There may have been another name at one time in its history but due to superstitions and the myth surrounding this pass it is simply referred to as Crazy Woman Pass.

Crazy Woman Pass is a winding pass that climbs steadily on either end until its highest part. Here it is flat a couple hundred peds at the widest and several hundred peds long. It is a rocky pass with many places where large boulders are piled together. On the southern end of this flat area is a boulder field that climbs until it abruptly ends at the sheared off face of Gray Hood Peak. Many believe this boulder field is the result of one of Grothar's changeable moods. They say he was in a bad mood and felt Gray Hood was causing some of his winds to go where he did not want them. In his ire he struck the side of the peak with his lightning staff causing it to crumble and slide creating this boulder field. The north side is very steep with several small cliff faces and huge piled boulders. It is above tree line so there are no trees and very few low shrubs. The ground cover is mostly a mossy runner type grass while patches of lichens and mosses can also be found on the ground and boulders.

When climbing from the west going east Gray Hood Peak is very prominent and it is said because of the curiosity of trappers and hunters it helped with the discovery of Crazy Woman Pass. Gray Hood is made up of mostly granite and grayish colored rock. Because of this, and the fact that one side of the peak is sheared off, it appears as though someone has pulled a hood over their head. Thus the popular name given to this peak. It is not know if anyone has scaled this peak or its sister peak of Chalbern. Both are believed to be over four stral.