The legendary Crimson Berserker with his undead crew

The Dead Fisherman's Grotto can be found northeast of Mossy Rocks Cove in the Adanian Sea at the Cliffs of Alonnog. Named for the warning given by fishermen that any who venture within will soon lose life and limb, it is considered a place of evil and many superstitions surround it, including the tale of the pirate Lyeael'k the Crimson Berserker and his ship, the "Tempest". Local fishermen avoid going near the grotto and will warn others away as well, for fear of being cursed to forever sail aboard the ghost ship. Lingering tales persist of a vast treasure and items of great power being placed there long ago and never recovered. Every so often treasure hunters and adventurers come in search of wealth or fame only to disappear like so many before them.