Descent into Deepgorge Mine

Located at the east coast of the Manthrian province, a bit inland about 50 strals north of the Mashdai River, Deepgorge is a dreaded and shunned labyrinth of many natural and a few additionally constructed tunnels. Formerly a place where mainly fyrite was mined in the deepest levels, mining activity was abandoned several centuries ago already and the tunnels are now said to serve as hideout for outcast people, to harbour criminals or even hordes of monsters. It is also rumoured that the legendary mohsys race, human torsos with legs of spiders, lives deep, deep down at the bottom of the mines, but few dare to venture into this abyss.

Deepgorge received its name for the impressive sight of its gigantic underground gorges and chasms it has to offer, which make a decent into the depths a risky undertaking, especially as many parts of the former infrastructure have crumbled to dust by now. Deepgorge has many hidden entrances, tucked in the hills up until the Propsper Mountains in the north, but also smaller outlets far to the east near the sea coast. Several lower levels are also said to actually be filled completely with water from the Adanian Sea during the flood.