The Elverground is the large open area of grassland plain to be found south of New-Santhala. Windswept, featureless, and suffering from a semi-arid climate, the Elverground is sparley populated, yet here three major races live in proximity to each other - the elves, the humans and the the halflings all have settlements here. Much of the plain is at some considerable altitude, and while elevations vary, the plains are at their highest altitude where they border the southern mountains of the Rimmerins Ring. The area south of Vezash is of a much kinder climate and altitude, and was once covered by the larger Zeiphyrian Forests.

The name of the Elverground itself is rather lost in the mists of time. Some scholars say that the name refers to the fact that it is one of the few places in Santharia where the elves have left their forest homes and live in the open. Others, who maintain that the elves probably haven't dwelt on the Elverground very long, say that Elver may come from a word from the Eyelian tribe of men, meaning "high" or literally "over" ground. Others say that the name is from a Styrįsh word - perhaps derving from "hevil" (hevil) meaning "yellow", though this seems to have little direct relation to the area. The existance of the shire of Elenveran suggests that the root "Elver" may as well be derived from this hobbit name, though assessing whether the plain or the shire got it's name first is proving to be a virtually impossible task!