Elving is the largest of the twin cities of the Zeiphyr, and indeed the largest elven city in Santharia. Elving is indeed the Tharian name for the city, the elven name is Elandim meaning "centre" or "middle", referring to the city's place it had in the ancient kingdom of Eyelia, now in Santharia and indeed as well in elven life in general. It stands, surrounded in a bubble of magic, serene, protected from the elements, the Great Shining City of the South. The city exist on two levels, one that is open to all visitors, an illusion of the city; but mutter the words by the great gates of Tarrkin on the Elving Road and you are admitted to a city beyond the wildest dreams of men. Elving is infact almost two cities in itself. To the east is the Old city. The best preserved buildings remain inside the city walls, while outside, the lonely ruins of Old Elving stand testement to old bloodshed.