Located east of the Chalbern double-peak of the Mithral Mountain Range in the Santharian province of Manthria, the forsaken Karthmor Ruins emanate an aura of the unease and the foreboding.

The Ruins of Karthmor

It is said that millenia ago during the War of the Chosen a man of unspeakable power lived there in a proud citadel. Ta Ivashi, so was his name, was a half-breed of man and demon, endowed with the lust for power characteristic for the race of men, and he also bore the brutal force of the netherworldly creatures in him. With him he had demons hailing from the depths of the abyss below Karthmor and zombiis and corrupted magi. Commanding his dark minions, Ta Ivashi drained energy from the world, making the lands around him wilt while he grew in power and strength, transforming more and more into a demon himself.

But eventually he was confronted by an army of druids, elves and mages and his dark machinations were put to an end when his spiritual magical connection to the beings of the Netherworlds was sewered. The portal from where he had summoned his horrific helpers was destroyed and the citadel crumbled to dust. The masses of demons that remained ripped their former master to pieces, but also the fighters - druids, elves and mages alike - who had come to annihilate the evil, all found their end when most of the once gigantic citadel was swallowed by the earth as if it had never existed.