The Mithral Mountains

The Mithral Mountains is the name given to the rugged range along the eastern part of province Manthria in the United Kingdom of Santharia located at the southern part of the continent of Sarvonia. These mountains were so named both for the vast amounts of mithril ore mined there and also because of their overall silver-gray coloring when seen from a distance.

Fog over the Mithral

The Mithral Mountains consist of a long, jagged range of mountains with low foothills on either side, and a prominent spur of especially rugged mountains rearing up in the very center of the range. It is as if some giant hand reached down and pulled the midpoint of this range of mountains high into the sky and then just left, either not wanting, or forgetting, to finish the rest. The hills on either side of this jagged backbone are low and gently rolling, becoming more rocky near the center. They seem to suddenly end where the massive central mountains climb straight for the clouds. These central mountains also seem to be stacked side by side making it very difficult to find easy routes through them. They are also quite rocky consisting mostly of granite and shale, covered only about halfway up with green skirts of pine trees. Scree and talus coat the more horizontal surfaces, making it precarious for both hunters and prey when the loose rock shifts underfoot.