The village of Nepris is a small fishing village of about 200 people. The fishermen there harvest several species of fish, seaweed and shellfish that they trade or sell to the local dwarves or traders from the Mithral Route.

The Village of Nepris

The village has sturdy houses of wood and stone mostly built by dunes or large boulders for protection from the sea winds. These houses are usually two or three rooms with flat roofs slanting slightly to the back. All have a covered area at the front of the houses to give some protection from the sun and a place where the family often gathers for an afternoon break. A pole about 3 peds from the side of each house is planted in the ground with a crosspiece attached at the top and roof of the house. Here netting can be found hanging while repairs are made. Each house usually has two knee high railings about 3 peds long separated by about 5 peds. Across these are laid their ducraer for repairs, maintenance and off-season storage. At the east side of the village are two large sturdy wooden structures. They have only one door with a hand span of open space around the bottom. These are used to smoke some fish catches. At the front of the village near the beach are several triangle shaped racks with cross pieces every few finger spans. These are used to dry some fish catches and seaweed.